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Directions to the Nearest Realization
« on: June 18, 2017, 05:23:54 pm »
10 Directions - North, South, East, West, Past, Present, Future, Above as Below.  Of these nine, what is the one I failed to list?  In the Triloka, there are three states of mind:  Sattva (the being himself), Rajas (Becoming by Passion) and Tamas (Ignorance of either).  Each of these three states of mind originate first in Sattva, then rebirth into Tamas.  Which direction is Sattva found of the 10 directions?  A tree grows Line, Branch and Fold.  Fold is the end result when fruit is enfolded from the line of the first root.  Seeds from fruit then express Fold, Branch and Line before the first sprout then engages again. 

10 - Inside / Absolute / Center


SATTVA - Above and Below as One

9 - Folded Mind
8 - Branching Mind
7 - Line of thinking


RAJAS - Past, Present and Future

6-Folded Time (MARA)
5-Branching Time (MANU)
4-Line of Time (YAMA)


TAMAS (Form and Illusion as Shadow of Mind) - Cardinal Directions

3 - 3D Forms - Fold
2 - 2D Planes - Branch
1 - 1D Line - Line

I have a larger work with this that I could post as a PDF.  This is my most profound realization of Dharma.  There's much more, relating to each of the 10 other domains we could explore.  Each fits into this subset of Gunas.  As you grow your own tree of life, each third of your life will reflect the Gunas.  Birth (Tamas), raising children and living life (Rajas), then finally retirement and circumspection (Sattva).  Eventually, fear is removed with love.  Sattva is locked.  Face meets Face as the Ox is now tamed and ready to work. 

Let me know if anyone would like to see the larger PDF. 

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Time and Space are one.  The day after yesterday is now.  You always have time to forget the past by building the future.  The best way to predict the future is to create it.  When do you begin?  All of time and space for you to grow, develop, cultivate and remake yourself again and again.  Seek, Find and Adaptation.


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