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Footprints on the Journey: Best Strategy -Khenpo Sodargye
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Best Strategy

Living between Heaven and Earth, the time we have as humans flashes by as swiftly as “a white steed flits past a crack.” It would be a shame to waste our human life with its freedoms and endowments and to squander away our opportunities. As Buddha’s heirs, we must walk on the Dharma path unerringly, that is, to cherish the rich legacies of lineage masters and suffuse our minds with them, to be careful about our conduct and establish right views.

The Venerable Thogme Zangpo taught his disciples earnestly:
The best way to accumulate merit is to tame the mind until it becomes one with the Dharma. The highest wisdom is to be aware of the uncertainty of the time of death. The sharpest wit is to know how to eliminate non-virtues and adopt virtues. The best rank is to have sentient beings honored above our heads. The superb wealth is to be content with few desires. The greatest happiness is to be free from covetousness.

Zhanpa Gaylol also admonished future generations:
To truly renounce this life one should uphold these eleven vows: to live alone in seclusion without conforming to others; to give up home and set forth to a place away from one’s native land; to relinquish all sensual pleasures; to assume a humble position always; to spare not others’ feelings; to be vigilant and apply antidotes constantly; to be unaffected by others’ irresponsible remarks, or to think they have some points; to feel no pain at all even having lost one’s most cherished possession; to let go of the suffering of this life as when a beggar dies, to always repeat the following ardently: ‘None of these is necessary!’; and to steer one’s own course of life. If these vows are kept, one will gather excellent spiritual qualities as immense as cloudbanks.

Let us keep these eleven points firmly in our minds. Otherwise, whatever amount of knowledge we have will only render us impervious to the Dharma.

29th of February, Year of RenWu
April 11, 2002


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