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Footprints on the Journey: Crazy Pursuits -Khenpo Sodargye
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:28:33 am »
Crazy Pursuits

Standing at the corner of a dazzling city street, what appears in front of me is the rainbow of the eight worldly preoccupations.

The glaring lights of the high life expose everyone’s weary looks. Chasing after their desires, the seekers rove everywhere—the hustling and bustling streets, the stock exchange floor, parties with wining and dining, cutthroat business dealings, etc. People’s pursuit of money and pleasure has been so fervent that it is almost out of control.

A person who owns a bicycle dreams of a motorcycle, while one who owns a motorcycle desires an automobile. Then the car has to be upgraded to a Land Cruiser, a Benz… A one-bedroom, one-living room apartment has to be replaced by a five-bedroom, two-living room condo. Having lived in the five-bedroom, two-living-room place, one gets busy to add a villa. In addition to the villa, one keeps on dreaming: In spring, I shall open my window to the spectacular cherry blossoms in Tokyo; in summer, I could enjoy the cool breezes from the Alps right at my doorstep; in autumn, I shall marvel at the moon’s reflection in Lake Zurich leisurely in my own backyard; in winter, I easily walk out from my patio onto a Hawaiian beach of fine sand…. The greed for money, likewise, is just at its extreme—owning $10,000 makes one want to have $100,000, and then to $100,000,000 and so on. Anyway, “the more, the better” can never be wrong.

The courses of pursuit make one dazed while the goals get harder for one to reach. Yet, few have thought through the untoward effects of craving; people don’t see that they are becoming ensnared in a web of their own spinning. It should be understood that the pit of desire could never be filled to the top; it only buries oneself. Endless toil and drudgery only pile up defilement. No matter how painstakingly one has schemed or how glorious one’s life has been, in the end there is nothing left but a pile of earth over ashes of splendor.

The Bible tells the story of how Adam was forced to leave the Garden of Eden after he became desirous. He then had to make a living with hard labor. Eve had to pay the price by going through the pain of childbirth. Hence suffering is no one’s fault but one’s own. If there were no desire, there would be no suffering.

Who needs a big house when one’s mind is spacious? Who needs a lot of money when one is rich in wisdom? Since time immemorial, humans have paid dearly for chasing after pleasure. Isn’t it about time that we take lessons from bitter experiences?

Longchen Rabjam, a sage living 600 years ago, clearly saw this affliction of humans. He left us Finding Comfort and Ease in the Nature of Mind; hoping that our weary and exhausted souls could find some respite therein. A teaching like this condenses all the wisdom and compassion of sublime masters. We need to think carefully about how not to squander this precious treasure.

1st of March, Year of RenWu
April 13, 2002
Under a cherry tree with falling flower petals flying around.


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