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Footprints on the Journey: Distracted Mind -Khenpo Sodargye
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:32:24 am »
Distracted Mind

There is one saying of Longchenpa that I really admire. Although my obscuration has prevented me from abiding in it all the time, I’d like to quote it here to share with Dharma friends.

This golden saying is: “On all occasions, be vigilant about your own mind. If distraction is absolutely unavoidable, then strive to engage in virtuous deeds that can be done in a distracting setting, such as doing prostration or circumambulation; never commit any evil deeds. If there is time for solitude, then practice excellent virtues such as quiescence meditation; do not waste time muddle-headed.” In other words, we should not let meaningless diversions take hold of our precious time. Under any circumstances and in any kind of mood, we should behave in accordance to the Dharma.

A good practitioner, even living in a bustling city, can still stick to his own principles. He may seem lazy outwardly, always sleeping in. Yet secretly he is reading books under the bed covers, reciting scriptures, meditating, or even practicing luminary dream yoga. He is like a fine steed, far better than those who brag about self-accomplishment all the time. Gendün Chöphel has this saying in his miscellaneous translations done in India:

A wise man is like a fine steed:
Being ever mindful even when relaxing,
Being wakeful while appearing to sleep.
Far superior to common folks he is.

The scholar Tao Yuanming of Jin Dynasty says in a poem:

In people’s haunt I build my cot;
Wheel and hoof noises disturb me not.
How can it leave on me no trace?
Secluded heart makes secluded place.

Even if one makes a home in a bustling city, one hears not the noise coming from cars or carriages. How could that be? It is because one’s environment will automatically calm down when the mind is calm. Our physical circumstance can be modulated by various factors. A peaceful mind will render the environment incapable of making disturbances to it. Our minds remain unruffled even when we find ourselves in the hubbub of the world. A secluded mind naturally transports us to a secluded place.

30th February, Year of RenWu
April 12, 2002


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