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Footprints on the Journey: Forsaking Kinships-Khenpo Sodargye
« on: October 26, 2016, 03:03:35 am »
Forsaking Kinships

Nowadays many practitioners entertain a win-win wish of attaining perfect enlightenment and at the same time enjoying the company of friends and relatives.

But from time immemorial, people who are successful in Dharma practice while maintaining a family life are almost nonexistent. For us ordinary people, wishing to attain the same goal is nothing but indulging in flights of fantasy.

Staying at home, one is likely to be enmeshed in all sorts of activities. One day, your paternal aunt’s family has an accident; the next day, your maternal uncle needs some help, the day after that, your father’s sister gets laid off…. Day after day, year after year, time slips by just like that, while Dharma practice gets delayed and put off indefinitely.

The Gateway to Practice says: “Outwardly, you appear to abandon friends and relatives, inwardly, you never give up on them. In truth, you always hold great compassion toward them, but you must sever ties in body and physical environment. Were it otherwise, your practice would be bound to fail miserably. If your parents gladly support your wish of cutting off secular ties, that is most ideal. But even if they try to stop you with all sorts of tactics—to become furious, to show utter disappointment, to fly off in resentment, and so on—you should not recoil. From the time since Buddha Shakyamuni, all spiritual seekers practically have to cast off all concerns amidst the torrents of tears and long goodbyes of their loved ones. This has something special to do with the law of causality.”

Bodhisattva Thogme Zangpo says:
Out of warm intention, your loved ones advise you to work diligently to assure a happy life.
But their intent of help brings harm instead, as chasing after this life is all but a fool’s endeavor.
To attain liberation, you must see through the vanity of the mundane world and practice diligently the vast and profound Dharma.
For the ultimate truth, renounce this life and go to a solitary place to practice ardently. These are the crucial points.
When you are famous and wealthy, people pursue you even if you try to hide.
While being down and out, people run away from you when you beg them for help.
A son could even slay his own father, what is there to say about any loved ones to rely on?
People in your face are all smiling and cordial, yet behind your back they slander and bite you.
Your benevolence and hospitality are returned with strife and hostility, deluded companions turn against each other even within families.
When you are riding high, people creep and crawl all over you, skillfully they manage to appropriate all your possessions.
When you hit bottom, you meet forlorn faces, bickering and fighting.
How utterly foolish it is to care for and protect so-called friends and relatives!
In good times members of the clan are united to destroy outsiders, when dispersed, with avarice and hatred they fight within.
Blood brothers murder each other when personal interest is at stake, how rare it is for loved ones to bring you any benefit!

The sages from the past have thus listed the many evils of friends and relatives. For a practitioner in this degenerate time, it is absolutely urgent to run away from any entanglement with them.

3rd of March, Year of RenWu
April 15, 2002


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