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Generating Bodhichitta

Whatever we do, it is most important that we do it with the bodhichitta intention.

The Sutra Requested by Maitreya says: “Maitreya, the water that flows into the ocean will not dry up even after many kalpas. Maitreya, any positive actions done with the bodhichitta intention will never be exhausted until the attainment of the highest and utmost realization.”

If we have genuinely aroused bodhichitta in our mental continuum, even neutral activities bring forth merit. The Avatamsaka Sutra says: “Having developed the supreme bodhichitta, even for a distracted person, the activities of body, speech, and mind become meaningful, they will always be virtuous.” The sutra also lists 250 examples to describe aptly the qualities of bodhichitta.

Bodhichitta is the sublimated cream of the crop of the wisdom milk flowing from studying, contemplating, and meditating on the Dharma; it is the cool moonlight that dispels the heat of sentient beings’ confusion; it is the brilliant rising sun that drives away the darkness of ignorance; it is the ultimate vehicle that leads beings toward liberation.

Even Maudgalyayana, with his amazing supernatural power, could not extinguish a lamp that had been offered by a poor woman with bodhichitta.

It is also due to the arising of genuine bodhichitta that Asanga was finally blessed with a vision of Bodhisattva Maitreya. Indeed, the benefits of bodhichitta are just too numerous to count!

30th of January, Year of RenWu
March 13, 2002


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