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Illusory Appearances

Many so-called perfect things in the world may seem entirely satisfactory on the surface. But upon careful investigation, they usually turn out to be the causes of suffering.

Nagarjuna says: “The Buddha teaches that all the satisfactory matters in this world are just as untrustworthy as the poisonous fruit mubeigou.” In other words, many affairs in the world appear as colorful and enticing as the mubeigou fruit; people conclude that their pulp must likewise be delicious. It is only after eating that they realize the fruit’s poisonous nature. But alas the regret comes too late.

It’s the same with things in the world. The snake with the brightest skin is usually poisonous. The most gorgeous mushroom tends to be deadly. The fairest woman frequently is a “fountain of disasters.” Helen’s ravishing beauty ignited the Trojan War, and the unparalleled demeanor of Chen Yuanyuan caused General Wu Sangui to fly into a rage for war. For the sake of exquisite beauties, battles were fought and dragged on, causing tremendous misery to all affected. Therefore, we should not be fooled by anything of pleasing appearance alone, be sure to penetrate the superficial and find the truth inside.

The great Tibetan sage Gedun Chophel says: “By careful investigation, it is obvious that all worldly undertakings incur nothing but suffering. Only with the Dharma can their root causes be eliminated. By reflecting deeply, everyone will come to appreciate this truth.” Hence, it is essential that we learn how to apply the Buddhadharma to deal with suffering.

4th of March, Year of RenWu
April 16, 2002


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