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Footprints on the Journey: Internet Surfing- Khenpo Sodargye
« on: February 03, 2016, 04:15:46 am »

Internet Surfing

The rapid and continuous advances in scientific fields have brought dramatic changes in human life. Products of modern technology such as cell phones and computers are no longer out of reach to common people: Even in remote Tibetan areas there are Internet bars. The constraints of time and space seem to disappear with new tools—no matter how far away we are from one another, we can feel like we’re right next to each another; in cyberspace we connect with people of ancient and modern times. It is exactly like “without even leaving the house, a scholar knows what is happening in the world.” Many people have become more knowledgeable by using the Internet or even have become better people.

Many distinguished Dharma teachers have also set up their own websites and discussion forums one after the other. By using convenient modern tools, they lead many tormented souls onto the path to liberation.

Nonetheless, there are also negative influences of the Internet that cannot be ignored. The information available on line is a mixture of good and bad. Many teenagers, lacking prudent judgment, indulge in surfing the web all day long and pile up the three poisonous emotions, adding destabilizing factors to society. Even some ordained Buddhists favor forbidden sites of violence and sex while neglecting their study, reflection, and meditation on the Dharma. It is really worrisome that the fruits of scientific discoveries are being misused and wasted.

A wise person will use skillful means to benefit self and others. A foolish person, on the other hand, will employ handy ways to create non-virtues. This is described exactly in the Jewel Heap Sutra (Ratnakuṭa Sutra): “The Buddha told Kasyapa: The wise use skillful means to attain liberation; the unwise use clever ways to bring about shackles.” This passage applies perfectly to the issue of adopting or ignoring information posted on the web.

May people remember well this particular teaching!

5th of January, Year of RenWu
February 17, 2002


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