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Footprints on the Journey: Keep Going-Khenpo Sodargye
« on: January 15, 2017, 08:18:37 am »
Keep Going

In my memory from early youth to adulthood, the person I respected most is Lama Yulo.

He was a man of strong build. His hand perpetually moved the mala beads and his mouth constantly recited mantras. On his face there was a scar left by robbers he encountered when as a young man he was making a trip on foot to Lhasa. This facial mark, instead of being a blemish, in a way made him even more likable.

I took room and board at his house when I was attending elementary school. Every day before dawn, he would get up and start to do prostrations and at the same time recite prayers. After breakfast, he would read books and go over his daily Dharma practices. He sat in meditation in the afternoon and recited scriptures in the evening. For over 10 years he kept the same schedule over and over again without interruption.

At that time I took it for granted that all practitioners should behave as he did, and felt nothing special about him. But now I see myself and others only doing spiritual practices in fits and starts. We get serious only when we are in good spirits but as soon as our mood falls, we become distracted and lag behind in practice. The glaring contrast makes his perseverance all the more admirable.

At the time of his passing at age 87, he had accumulated 500 million mantras, an astonishing number that could remain unrecognized without adding it all up. Comparing my meager diligence with his, I really feel ashamed.

In Mahayana Abhidharma Sangiti Shastra it says: “Practitioners on the path of accumulation should endeavor in studying, contemplating, and meditating on the Dharma; to tame the six senses, eat appropriately, and avoid sleeping in the early or late part of the night (that is, to sleep only in the middle section of the night).”

Without adding up many little steps, a journey of a thousand miles cannot be accomplished.
Without the pouring together of many tiny streams, there will be no big oceans.

An on-and-off diligence amounts to nothing; only the diligence over a lifetime is what counts.

26th of March, Year of RenWu
May 8, 2002
Written on a lovely spring morning


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