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Title: Footprints on the Journey: Leaving Home-Khenpo Sodargye
Post by: UK Bodhi Association on December 21, 2016, 09:14:47 am
Leaving Home

If a spiritual seeker tries to do his practices at home, he is likely to be influenced by situations of craving, hatred, and delusion. Even if he has every intention of concentrating on his studies, friends and relatives easily stir up his emotion. Hence, the smartest thing to do is to stay away from home to practice.

The scripture says: “A place that incites afflictive emotions is a place not to stay even for an instant.”

Geshe Potowa also says: “Leave behind your hometown, relatives, and friends. Give up distractions and steer your mind according to the teachings. By doing so, you will attain liberation.”

The following quote is found in Tsangpa Gyare’s teachings on practice: “External circumstances trigger afflictive emotions, clinging to one’s homeland is indeed foolish. Spiritual practice is meant to subdue disturbing emotions, knowing not to apply antidotes is indeed foolish. The opportunity to hear the Dharma results from causes and conditions; not knowing to create favorable causes and conditions is indeed foolish. Having left the homeland far behind for practice, you have no regret whatsoever even if rumors abound. Having resolved to follow a spiritual teacher, you have no regret even if you die from starvation. Having realized the nature of the mind, you have no regret even if your time with the teacher was brief. To leave the homeland is a favorable condition for overcoming afflictions. To give up the craving for pleasure is a favorable condition for establishing right views. To banish worldly affairs is a favorable condition for making offerings. So long as you are attached to your homeland, you cannot rid yourself of greed and avarice. Henceforth, the first crucial step is to bid farewell to your home. If you cannot give up worldly engagements, you will never have the time to practice. If you cannot relinquish your worldly possessions, you will never sever entanglements with friends and relatives.”

In all, it seems the ills of staying in one’s homeland are indeed endless. A truly wise person should let go of what is difficult to give up and carry out what is difficult to do.

Only when we have settled in a secluded place, free from tangles of money and homeland, shall we come to appreciate deeply the sublime meaning of the masters’ teachings.

20th of March, Year of RenWu
May 1, 2002
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