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Masters’ Teaching

What a beautiful morning!

Outside the window, the whole sky was filled with the sunrise’s glow, as rosy as if it were ablaze. Houses, trees, lawns, roadways…. all were tinted with a reddish hue. I drenched myself merrily in this glory as if spellbound. Gong Que Sen Que! (Offering to the Three Jewels!)

Flipping through books, I chanced upon this passage that Rigdzin Jigme Lingpa, the great Tibetan siddha and a terton master, says to his disciple Padma Sangdon:

When one embraces Buddhism and embarks on genuine practice, it’s not uncommon for morbid obstructions to surface. One then should stay away from evil friends and be vigilant. Do not drift with the tide. When dealing with people, be sure to uphold your principles and self-reliance, and make your own decisions. Any speech, even words of truth, feeds avarice and aversion, therefore maintain the code of silence firmly, and regard worldly people as strangers. Know what to adopt and what to avoid according to karmic principles, cultivate bodhichitta. Whether traveling to the city or in the mountains, always watch your mind. In happiness or sorrow, always cast off discursive thoughts and observe mind’s primal state. Maintain the recognition that appearances are illusory and dreamlike. Look into your mind’s essence that is without birth or death. In post-meditation, dedicate all the merits to enlightenment. These are the most profound teachings from me.

Master Repa Shiwa also says:

Practicing alone, one attains realization; two together, good connections are made; having more than three or four, causes for avarice and aversion arise. Therefore, I would rather practice alone and abide in tranquility.

Quiet and solitary mountainsides are the places where Buddhas and Bodhisattvas found peacefulness. There is nothing to make you busy, no distractions; all qualities that increase merit or lead to liberation—renunciation, bodhichitta, faith, and so on—will arise effortlessly. As a result, your whole way of life becomes wholesome spontaneously.

Why hesitate? Go quickly to a secluded forest and practice in solitude!

22nd of January, Year of RenWu
March 5, 2002


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