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Footprints on the Journey: No Craving - Khenpo Sodargye
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No Craving

Geshe Shaupa (Padma Changchub) is one of the three great disciples in the Kadampa lineage. All his life he gave up the mundane world and practiced the Dharma assiduously. He finally attained supreme realization. Upon his nirvana, his body turned into many precious relics for future generations to treasure. His legacy marks a glorious chapter in the history of Buddhism.

In his instructions to disciples he says: “Should you take my words, happiness is immediately within reach. In fact, even if you trust me, I have neither better shortcuts nor other brilliant ideas. The salient point is just to renounce this life.” And again: “The root cause of all our sufferings in this and future lives is the attachment to the present life. Therefore, we must cut down this clinging. Chasing frantically after your enjoyment of this life, happiness will elude you. No amount of sweating or rushing about to the point of total exhaustion is of any use. Instead, misery, harm, and bickering may befall you simultaneously. Hence, be sure to drive off the avaricious mind that runs rampant. If you can extinguish all the cravings and spare none of them, a life of happiness and joy will play out for you. If one wants happiness in this and future lives, one should, at the minimum, cultivate a non-grasping mind and an attitude of amassing nothing. The best gain is to garner nothing; the best reputation is to forsake fame; the best praise is to shun from applause; the best retinue is to give up followers. To practice Dharma sincerely, your ambition in life should be poverty, and to be willing to remain poor until the end of life. If you have this attitude, no god, demon, or human being will ever be able to make difficulties for you. But if all you care about is to gain satisfaction in this life, you will bring disgrace upon yourself. You’ll have to bear not only the consequences of your own doing but also scorn from others, and rush to lower realms of endless tortures in future lives.”

Gyijapa or Seng Denhua by name was a disciple of H.H. Pande Gyaltsen. With proficiency in all the teachings and perfect realization, he founded the Gou Moya Monastery. He caused numerous beings to embrace Buddhism and trained a large number of outstanding disciples such as Yade Benchen. He is honored as His Holiness Gyija. He says:

Having cast the worries of this life to the wind, one deserves the name of an ascetic.
Even though such a person has no desire for fame, yet his good reputation is known all over.
The wind, admiring his will of giving up life and limb for the Dharma, sends breezes of compliments all over.

Unless a practitioner has tamed his own mind, he’ll still have unending desires and be burdened by them. Therefore, to attain great spiritual accomplishment, it is of utmost importance to relinquish all greediness and cravings.
17th February, Year of RenWu
March 30, 2002


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