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Footprints on the Journey: Getting Transformed- Khenpo Sodargye
« on: September 14, 2016, 06:46:32 am »
Getting Transformed

Once a person turns his mind wholeheartedly toward the Dharma, his attitude and behavior will no longer be his old worldly self. With the sword of Dharma wisdom in hand, many knotty problems, fetters, and worries in the secular world are cut through smoothly.

Ben Kungyal (Tsultrim Galwa) is a great Tibetan siddha noted for his skillful way of overcoming negative emotions. He used to be a bandit by living, and was crude, brutal, and impetuous. When he suddenly realized his own mistakes, he quickly made a clean break with his outlaw life. Resolutely, he took ordination and parted with all non-virtuous activities by employing various antidotes. Disciplining himself rigorously and being watchful of his own faults always, he eventually aroused great bliss in his mental stream.

Potowa once said meaningfully: “Even in this life, a spiritual practitioner and ordinary being must be poles apart. When I was a layperson, I had gone gold mining three times without finding anything. But now there are taels of gold coming to me every day. The happiness, joy, and fame enjoyed by Kham Longpa of Yongwa Valley are unsurpassable in the world. Chengawa of Lungshu also enjoys boundless happiness. All these are the consequences of having practiced the Dharma properly!”

By dint of diligent practice, a spiritual seeker will come to realize the truth of the universe and human life. As the Dharma seed sprouts and takes root in one’s mind, all the old perceptions of the world and life are shattered to pieces; one will gradually steer away from the old ways of living a mundane life.

Breaking away from the narrow confines of pursuing this life, we’ll be free from the bondage of the eight worldly concerns. The material comfort we used to run after, like fine food and luxury clothing, seem now as worthless as beat-up shoes. All of a sudden we are open to a huge vista and see the suffering and drudgery of all beings. Eventually we will come to perceive dharmatatu that is as boundless as the blue sky.

Even for someone with a deep-rooted attachment to secular affairs, all it takes is faith and perseverance to break free. The Buddha’s teaching, like a sharp iron shovel, will invincibly shave off the mud of fame and fortune, and uproot all worldly clinging.

As a spiritual practitioner, have I achieved any significant transformation yet?

21st of February, Year of RenWu
April 3, 2002


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