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Footprints on the Journey: Pure View- Khenpo Sodargye
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Pure View

It is not uncommon for many Buddhists to feel a sense of superiority over other beings. Such a notion tends to crop up when they see people who engage in unethical conduct, have perverted views or disturbing emotions, or are of a lower social standing.

People who practice by themselves easily become quite conceited as soon as they obtain any sign of accomplishment. Worse, even without signs of accomplishment, they claim themselves as a contemporary Milarepa just because they have done a little solitary retreat like a hibernating marmot. They turn their noses up, thinking others are either fools chasing the eight worldly preoccupations or having a lower acumen suitable only to Sutrayana. They believe they alone have the sharp faculties to command the secret Vajrayana. Unbeknownst to them, holding such an attitude has already cast them into the pit of evils.

It has been said in the scriptures that Buddhas and Bodhisattvas manifest in various bodies in order to benefit beings. The Nirvana Sutra says: “In the hell realm, the Buddha appears as hell beings to benefit beings there; in the preta realm, the Buddha assumes the form of a hungry ghost to benefit beings; in the animal realm, the Buddha takes the body of a bear, pigeon, snake, yak, naga, guruda, or tortoise, to carry out Bodhisattva deeds. In the human realm, the Buddha appears as a butcher, slaughterer of dogs and fowl; fisherman; magician; heretic; or as a person to arouse avarice, aversion, or ignorance; or as someone having no faith in the karmic law, undutiful to parents, disrespectful to the elderly, or as one filled with jealousy, stinginess or other negative emotions. In all these various forms, the Buddha tames beings accordingly.” These accounts just seem inconceivable for us ordinary beings. In White Lotus there are many stories describing how the Buddha in his previous lives benefited beings in these various manifestations. The Sutra Requested by Purna says: “I manifested as servants serving people by carrying urine, removing feces, sweeping the floors, and cutting the grass.” Therefore, if we see someone sweeping and cleaning, we should not look down on him or her, but instead we should be respectful.

In The Lotus Sutra, the “Chapter of Bodhisattva Never Disparaging” describes: “At this time there was a Bodhisattva monk named Never Disparaging. This monk, whomever he happened to meet, would bow in obeisance to them and speak words of praise, saying, ‘I have profound reverence for you; I would never dare treat you disparagingly or with arrogance.’ This monk did not devote his time to reading or reciting the scriptures, but simply went about bowing to people. Many years passed in this way, during which this monk was constantly subjected to curses and abuse. He did not give way to anger, however, but each time spoke the same words, ‘You are certain to attain Buddhahood.’ When he spoke in this manner, some among the group would take sticks of wood or tiles and stones to beat and pelt him. But even as he ran away and took up a stance at a distance, he continued to call out in a loud voice, ‘I would never dare disparage you, for you are all certain to attain Buddhahood!’”

In the Sutra of Arousing the Supreme Motivation of the Bodhisattvas, it says:

Do not regard yourself as the grandest and find fault with others.
Arrogance causes one to slack, never look down on inferior beings.

Therefore, we should train ourselves to see whatever persons we happen to meet as worthy of our praise and respect. Before reaching that stage, however, if we witness someone committing non-virtues and are powerless to stop them, we should think that person is probably the manifestation of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. We then remain watchful of our own minds. This way, it can do nothing but good to others and ourselves.

22nd of February, Year of RenWu
April 4, 2002


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