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Footprints on the Journey: Real Treasure-Khenpo Sodargye
« on: October 09, 2016, 07:55:23 am »
Real Treasure

Many ancient emperors, after having reached the pinnacle of their power and glory, would search at any cost for an elixir that could endow them with everlasting life. Their efforts, as we all come to know, were as futile as drawing water with a bamboo basket. Even so, later generations still refuse to learn the lesson and obstinately follow suit. Because, for worldly beings, life is just too precious! Not a single possession in the world can be compared to it.

However, a spiritual seeker should have no qualms about sacrificing life for the sake of Dharma. The Adamantine Pinnacle Sutra says: “For my body, I will give up my wealth. For my life, I will give up my body. For the Dharma, I will give up all of my wealth, my body, and my life.”

Buddha Shakyamuni was once reborn as a Brahmin patron. For the sake of receiving a one-verse Dharma, he readily gave up all the treasures of gold, silver, and other treasures he had amassed over 12 years. He said: “I have spent 12 years to collect these gems, yet never have I had a chance to hear the sublime Dharma. What is the use of my striving to gather these rocks and minerals? The real treasure is the Dharma teaching, even if it means trading my life for it, it is well worth it!”

Lord Buddha has also been born as Kashod Legpo, who gouged his own body to light one thousand candles as offerings. Finally, the following teaching was conferred to him:

Whatever is stored up is impermanent and is bound to run out.
Whatever rises up is impermanent and is bound to fall down.
Whatever comes together is impermanent and is bound to come apart.
Whatever is born is impermanent and is bound to die.

To this day, this verse still is the quintessential teaching for the study on impermanence.

The Chinese sage Confucius also states in the same vein: “One can die without remorse in the evening, provided one has heard the teachings on Truth during the day.” Therefore, for the sake of Dharma that liberates the self and others, what regret is there to sacrifice one’s life!

28th of February, Year of RenWu
April 10, 2002


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