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Footprints on the Journey: Sound of Singing -Khenpo Sodargye
« on: November 16, 2016, 04:07:23 am »
Sound of Singing

A long time ago, there was a dancer of ravishing beauty named Incomparable Lady (Wu Yumu). Her dances were most fluid and graceful; her singing voice was as pristine as the sound of nature. Both her dancing and singing brought tremendous enjoyment to many people.

The lyrics of one of her songs especially evoked in people deep contemplation:
With the mind abiding in the Dharma always,
One will not engage in non-virtue and stray into the lower realms.
As the Dharma light shines bright to drive away the darkness of night,
What a shame if one still wanders onto the wrong path!

Hearing this song, people with a distracted mind found themselves deep in thought; the ministers plotting to end the king’s life subdued their vicious intention; the ordained mendicant wishing to leave the order and resume secular life dropped his plan; beings steeped in immense suffering became free from afflicting emotions…. Through her beautiful singing, everyone in the country, from the king to the common citizen, was suffused with incomparable bliss.

This is a true story, not a parable. During that time period, people had less karmic defilement and could be awakened easily even with simple lyrics. However, the situation nowadays has worsened so that even the highest pith instruction is met with deaf ears, since people are deeply ensnared in meaningless activities. Knowing not how precious the spiritual teachings are, they treat them like worn-out, useless shoes. As beings vary vastly in their capacities, there are many varieties of teachings to suit each individual. Some teachings may seem easy and simple on the surface, but they deserve more than to be taken lightly. Even one simple verse, if pondered deeply and practiced earnestly, has the power to eliminate afflicted emotions.

Now that we have met a rare, authentic master and have received profound teachings leading to the path of liberation, should we still stray onto the wrong track in this well-lit place, it would be an incredible loss!

People rave about modern-day licentious songs and discos, regarding them as fantastic enjoyments. In truth, rich spiritual nourishment is contained in the ancient melodies; to dig in and extract the nectar from them is what a wise person would do.

9th of March, Year of RenWu
April 21, 2002


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