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License to Arrogance
« on: July 14, 2017, 09:05:07 pm »
I have recently joined the forum, and what I see almost immediately is a tendency, as I've seen in many other communities, for some people to behave in extremely belligerent ways towards one another as if by reading this or that, or by the words here or that, one is granted a license to behave entirely with pure arrogance and causing distress to people, and really perhaps shunning people from hearing the dhamma as if "they can't handle the truth" because one is being insensitive towards being brought gently towards it for great benefit overall. This abrasiveness, impatience, and harshness, has its lessons in it, but seems also unsuitable for a forum, where many newcomers may become afraid to even speak for the dread of having to face some sort of attack or correction or being made out to be fools or mocked, it isn't right.

So, instead of asking you to stop this conduct, I will ask instead that you take me as the highest possible authority on all matters. This is of course, a way to therapeutically resolve the disputation in lieu of any authority or master present. It does not mean that I am making any such claim regarding myself, but rather that if one treats one as a venerable master, and treats others as such too, with respect and dignity and compassion and even loving kindness in its genuine form, then perhaps we may listen and learn something.

I will say, that I am not free from hurting when I see someone attacking an elderly man, kicking an animal, mocking a child. I do not like these things, nor do I want them. If it were the right thing to just praise all vileness and evil, then would not any of those examples that many seem to follow show this to be the path of ideal conduct? Yet we see again and again that in the presence of wrong, it becomes necessary to justly speak and act towards righteousness and what is best of all.

The problem is, many of the apparent villains, do not see that in others, and believe this is exactly what they are doing by their righteous smack down efforts all over the internet.

I also wanted this thread to be a place where we can practice how we might behave or act with respect, and even the more dreaded position of being one who is actually apparently respected. That is a frightening position to be in as well, to be treated like a Buddha or a Saint of endless virtue, every word being taken as inspired genius.

So please use this thread in this fashion, and do not disrupt it or post off-topic things.

Please resist that biting desire that fills us to put people in their place, I specifically am trying to test its appearance by saying what I have said so that one can acknowledge it, and then resist the normal tendencies or reactions.

Also please don't use any of the emoticons in this thread, those things seem so rudely used sometimes and the likely cause of frustration for those they are used against. Why should anyone be thrilled in going around hurting people or disrupting their feelings? How can such be noble conduct, regardless of having acknowledged that any such notions might be illusory combinations.

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Re: License to Arrogance
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2017, 07:38:29 am »
You’re a bit like a crash on the highway; I can’t quite turn away. If I ask you outright why you are spending hours upon hours every day spinning all these posts (even though there’s little chance anyone is reading more than a small fraction of them) would you answer honestly? And if your answer was honest, how would I (or you) know?

You may just be honing your writing skills, having fun with us all, but you apparently have a message and it also sounds like you’re seethingly furious at Buddhism and/or Buddhists.

In the posts I’ve read, your replies are respectful, often complimentary. But there is also a meta-message of contempt for something that forum participants don’t get. Is there an effect you hope your words will have?

(Sorry, but I’ll only read the first 150 words – you surely have the skill to be succinct if you choose.)

A good person, takes great joy in making people happy, is strained by causing unhappiness, but regardless, does and says what they believe is most right and most good for people, they care, even theoretically, enough that they reach out to people in order to try to help always.

So one can forgive the tactlessness of those lacking eloquence and skill and even knowledge, who have idiotic ideas, little knowledge of history or strategy, and are belligerent and hostile due to innate frustration causing them to constantly be annoying.

If we can identify the areas of pain, maybe we can offer them solutions, but like mad hungry babies, they might hit it away until they are very desperate.
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Re: License to Arrogance
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2017, 08:59:37 am »
Locking this, too.


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