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Master’s Birthday

Today is our Guru Wish Fulfilling Jewel, H.H. Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche’s birthday. According to the Tibetan way of counting, he has reached the ripe old age of 70 years.

Any amount of compassion or wisdom that arises in students’ minds, even for just an instant, is a blessing bestowed by the teacher’s great compassion.

Even without mentioning the incalculable merits our Guru has accumulated throughout his past numerous lifetimes, in this life alone he has attracted countless beings onto the Dharma path with his great compassion beyond concept. What he has done to benefit beings is as high as Mount Meru; his mighty name is known throughout the East and West, resounding all over the world and vibrating in the three realms. It would be impossible for me, even if I were to take my entire life to do it, to describe a mere drop of our Guru’s ocean of boundless qualities, immeasurable compassion, and incomparable kindness. To sum up, his qualities are: having perfect wisdom, having vast compassionate aspiration, keeping pure precepts, and turning the Dharma wheel far and wide. But how could these few words match up to our Guru’s towering kindness?

“From ancient times, it has been rare for humans to live to the age of 70.” These days our Guru appears to be advancing to senior years and he has been inflicted with various illnesses. Yet his efforts to benefit sentient beings, instead of becoming stagnant, are growing stronger. Ignoring his deteriorating health, he still confers blessings to followers coming from different places, even when confined to the sickbed. He continues to plant virtuous seeds in other beings’ minds in all possible ways.

Disciples from all different locations are involved extensively in releasing live beings today, and they all pray that our Guru will remain long in this world. Through his blessings, countless lives are saved from glittering, murderous knives; if these creatures had known the kindness behind saving their lives, how would they express their gratitude? Moreover, upon hearing the holy names of Buddhas and sacred mantras that are recited for them, how would they express their eagerness in repaying the kindness? And what worldly language can adequately describe the merit generated by the disciples through saving lives? All these are unfathomable to my unenlightened mind. The benefits of his living in this world, even for a mere instant are just incomprehensible.

Today, physicians arriving from the United States are tending to and treating our teacher meticulously. I press my palms together in reverence and pray from the depth of my heart: May our teacher recover swiftly from illness and regain health. May we be blessed with his great kindness each and every day. Lama chen!

3rd of January, Year of RenWu
February 15, 2002


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