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The Last Teaching: Attaining Nirvana
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How do I unbind?

How do I attain that which is the state of Nirvana?

Everything you know has a cyclic foundation.

Only events recurring in a cyclical manner, can be grasped to, can be clinged to, can be attached to.

This means that what you have learned is something you are repeating, day in, day out.

This is a repeated behavior, a cyclic existence in suffering, also known as Samsara.

How do we recognize the cycles of Samsara?

If it pleases the eye, the ear, the tongue, the skin, the nose, attachment is born. From attachment, a repeated behavior is starting to manifest. This is the Form world of Samsara, if you are here, you are experiencing gross sustenance from gross material. By repeated behavior, by learned behavior, by taught behavior.

If a sense-object gains control to the point of being sensed as a manifestation inside the body, as a pleasant, euphoric feeling. One is in the Hungry Ghost Realm, or Realm of Greed. This cyclic existence is the attachment to deep rooted addictions like tobacco, narcotics or alcohol. Unbinding is practiced in the form of renunciation.

If it appeals to your instinctual nature, if you are guided by delusion. Like the reincarnation of Dalai Lama is supposed to choose the correct items, it means he is genetically programmed to react to those items instinctively. This cyclic existence is released by diligence and persistence.

If your mind is filled with constructs about yourself, ideas about things, to use in dualistic battlefield of argumentation, you are in the Realm of Asuras. Unbinding from this realm requires utmost practice in compassion, ethics and moral conduct without taking it to any level of extremes.

Finally, the cyclic suffering of being ignorant that consciousness is not self. Suddenly, every generation of our ancestors seems like a valid point to have pre-existed in as a consciousness, as it is a phenomena that stretches beyond the self, because it exists as a phenomena among other beings as well. This is the realm of the Devas. Unbinding here is practicing outmost generosity and eventually the ego dissolves and the self is free from ignorance. Recognizing the different manifestations of the self, being apart simply because of a name-&-form, there is no indepedent self so you can exist as a consciousness in any being.

This is the arising of the phenomena of wisdom. A being assigns it, and expounds it. Making collective knowledge complete.



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