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Title: VisuddhiRaptor and The Artis Magistra A lesson for all and a vehicle of teaching
Post by: The Artis Magistra on July 15, 2017, 01:10:49 am
VisuddhiRaptor is one of the best posters on this website, with an intricate and in-depth knowledge of the Pali Canon and Suttas attributed to Buddha, and an ability to find them and copy paste them for reference. The Artis Magistra has only recently joined the website (whereas VisuddhiRaptor has now over 90 posts, The Artis Magistra only has a few posts so far). The Artis Magistra's technique is to explicitly state things which give VisuddhiRaptor the opportunity to correct them and display the proper teachings.

VissudhiRaptor had become concerned that engaging him in other threads might derail them from the topics at hand, so I created this thread to give VissudhiRaptor the opportunity to be a vehicle for the truth regarding the Dhamma and to express it clearly.

I asked VisuddhiRaptor some questions which may seem controversial but were meant to stimulate VisuddhiRaptor in preparing their usual sort of excellent and well sourced replies which shine light upon and dispel falsehood and superstitions.

So please use this thread to engage with VisuddhiRaptor and The Artis Magistra, keeping in mind that VisuddhiRaptor holds the key to the Pali Canon and authentic understanding, whereas The Artis Magistra is likely only to provide replies representing obscure jibberish that VisuddhiRaptor will correct and cleanse and demonstrate how they are wrong. This is how a bad thing may be turned good, and a bad person may be put to good work.

So firstly, I would like VisuddhiRaptor to explain everything as succinctly and clearly as possible, as they have often (seemingly very rudely) told people that their extra sentences are unnecessary, irrelevant, or worthless, with no extra silliness, like a machine, I would like VissudhiRaptor to explain everything they can in as briefly a fashion as possible to induce enlightenment as quickly as possible to those who view it.

Secondly, I asked VisuddhiRaptor how one can attain a complete release from this world and its troubles, never to return to suffering, the sight of suffering, or this world at all and reach the best attainment, and why, if this can be achieved (however they explain it can be achieved), they do not simply do so immediately after having explained it thoroughly and completely so we may follow them in this. I would like this for them no matter what their condition may be, as this can only be the best wish for anyone, to leave this world.

I also asked things like:

What is a Buddhist? What is it to be a Buddhist? What is not a Buddhist? What is it to not be a Buddhist? How do I know I am a Buddhist or not? What qualifies one as a Buddhist and disqualifies one as a Buddhist? What is a True Buddhist and what is a Fake Buddhist (I've reviewed all their posts, and sometimes they used the term "fake Buddhist" while they were insulting various people or groups).

I am not trying to harass or annoy VisuddhiRaptor, but to gain as much as possible from someone who has done so much good research.

VisuddhiRaptor hinted or suggested they may be an invalid, handicapped in a wheelchair. I'd like to know more about this person in detail, what drives them and motivates them and why they may be the way they are, before they cease to be the way they are forever.

So I'd like to know as much as possible from VisuddhiRaptor, you all can contribute as well, but the focus should mainly be VisuddhiRaptor and The Artis Magistra, since VisuddhiRaptor likes to stay on-topic, and this topic is about them.

I'd really like to know what qualifies one as a Buddhist or disqualifies one as a Buddhist and all the other things, and much more.

It also appeared that VisuddhiRaptor suggested in some of their writing that renouncing the world entirely is not the way to leave the cycle? I want to know as much as possible regarding all this.
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