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What is the path?
« on: January 09, 2010, 12:01:49 pm »
After some correspondence here with a dharma brother, this thought has been taking place in me.  

What IS the path, the dharmic path?
This is what I understand so far:

the path is the distance between your understanding and the ultimate truth. For every sentient being this might take on a slightly different form.  Which is why there are so many paths.  But really all paths are one path: the path to open awareness.  We live in a world of relative truths, like rags and veils that are piled on a mound of our own ignorance and suffering.  This is the part of karma, everyone has this pile on their head.  

I was going across the border the other day and it's often a hustle.  I recently became aware of my thoughts jumping out ahead of me getting in the busy line of people and the moving along at a slow pace stressing every step of the way, and I realized my mind was going here before I even parked or got out of the car.  So I started practicing staying with myself as I make the journey.  Now I don't stress about the crossing, I realized that I am a capable skillful human being, whatever arises I will use my best judgment to work it out and then I suddenly realized how little I trust myself.  How unkind of me.  I've always gotten done what needed to get done, I've always taken care of business, so why do I distrust my capability so much?  I realized everyone does this.  They worry they won't be strong enough good enough skilled enough that the world is just going to fly them by and they are going to miss out on what's happening the action the samsara that might one day bring relief it's insanity. So I came back to my body and stayed in it.  Then I started noticing that I wouldn't really "SEE" people, I'd walk past them and I wouldn't really observe them beyond briefly glancing.  So I started looking.  Then I realized after I started looking that it's uncomfortable to look, because I don't know what to make of this kind of intimate being there with the crowd.  I've always been on the outside of the in-crowd, I've always been the in-crowd, I've always been the in and the out crowd, I've always been neither the in nor the out crowd, I've been in crowds my whole life I've been alone my whole life.  Looking causes me to ache. But I was brave and looked.  And there were all these cab driver men, laughing and joking, all these macho tough Mexican hombres.  I felt intimidated by the outnumbering of singular me walking through plural them...  So then I thought... there has to be a way to feel connection to them in my own mind, what did I do this morning that they did.  I peed.  Ok, everyone here peed this morning.  I noticed my greatest discomfort emerging in the thought of intimate routine that is based in habit and bodily function.  While walking through the busy TJ crowd, I picturing how each person I passed by had an intimate relationship with his own body just as I did with my own, picturing that every person would have insecurities based in illusions about their appearance, character worth, love-worthiness, I suddenly felt what it could have felt to be them.  

Suddenly the through struck me:  every man here has a penis. :lmfao:  

I was six again.  Giggling my butt off at the word awkward and funny, but through the humor I became totally connected to the frailty and humanity of the crowd around me... The thought jolted me out of thinking of everyone as strangers. It humanized everyone I looked at, to think they felt pain when they got stomach cramps, thinking everyone here has had diarrhea at least once.  Everyone here has boogers.  The sequence of thoughts was hysterically funny and reminded me of what they tell people who have stagefright... think of everyone as naked and it won't be so bad to stand in front of the audience.  The idea was see them in their own vulnerabilities they share with you, and you won't see them as other, and that will make you more comfortable and less afraid (dualistic).  It was the friendliest and funnest crossing of the border I ever made.

All this stream of thought to realize, just being mindful is the path.
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Re: What is the path?
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2010, 06:20:32 pm »
I have likewise had experiences where, during a moment of keen mindfulness, I have had an insightful train of thought, culminating in laughter and the evaporation of some neurosis or other.  I wouldn't presume to answer the question "what is the path?", but it is definitely littered with such experiences, especially for those of us with a certain degree of anxiety.


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