Author Topic: Aspire to be reborn into the Pure Land  (Read 3688 times)

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Re: Aspire to be reborn into the Pure Land
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So, anyone else ever been there? To any of the Pure Land Kingdoms?
Or had any other experience with it?

Just been to the outskirts. How you experience it may be very different . . . Basically I put Amitabha chanting on my MP3 player, bus arrives just on time, pedestrian crossing turn green just as I arrive to cross - just like in . . . well an ideal world . . .

Maybe we can organise a coach trip?
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Re: Aspire to be reborn into the Pure Land
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You might find the various translations of "Pure Land" quite interesting ---  for example, "Tierra Pura" is popular in Mexico, Spain and Argentina, as well as South American countries in general.

Do you know of any other translations?

Depends on which texts
the Infinite life sutra(Larger Sutra) has about 4 translations 2 are well known 1 is very very uncommon(for now well see about that in 4 months)
and 1 that comes from a random Chinese immigrant(also his version is different from the "standard" used version.)

(there are like 11 different versions of this one text,kinda like how there is "4 gospels of the same story in the bible",the same applies to this text,MOST of the texts are so similar you can tell any difference some however have 28 vows instead of 48,some in the 30's,one text however seems to mention Buddha Nature ALOT.

the smaller sutra is small so it has more translation than I can remember

the comtemplation sutra has 1 translation that I know of.

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Re: Aspire to be reborn into the Pure Land
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*** *** ***

Honen Shonin, the founder of the Pure Land school in Japan, opened wide the doors of Buddha Dharma to the entire Japanese society. While many of the established schools had taken a scholastic bent, pursuing rarefied doctrines and complex practices inaccessible to the laity, and especially the simple farmers and craftspeople, Honen invited all to attain the highest enlightenment.

Misunderstood in life, often by his own disciples, Master Honen sought to clarify his message one more time before entering the Pure Land of the Buddha Amideva (Amida):

"In China and Japan, many Buddhist masters and scholars understand that the remembrance of the Buddha is to meditate deeply on Amida and the Pure Land. However, I do not understand the remembrance of the Buddha in this way.

Reciting the name of the Buddha does not come from studying and understanding its meaning. There is no other reason or cause by which we can utterly believe in attaining birth in the Pure Land than the remembrance of the Buddha.

Reciting the name of the Buddha and believing in birth in the Pure Land naturally gives rise to the three minds and the four modes of practice (reverential, exclusive, uninterrupted, and lasting).

If I am withholding any deeper knowledge beyond simple recitation of the name of the Buddha, then may I lose sight of the compassion of Shakyamuni and Amida Buddha and slip through the embrace of Amida’s original vow.

Even if those who believe in the remembrance of the Buddha deeply study all the teachings which Shakyamuni taught during his life, they should not put on any airs and should practice the remembrance of the Buddha with the sincerity of simple lay followers.

I hereby authorize this document with my hand print. The Pure Land way of the settled mind is completely imparted here. I, Genku, have no other teaching than this. In order to prevent misinterpretation after my passing away, I make this final testament."

 —Honen Shonin, January 23, 1212

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Re: Aspire to be reborn into the Pure Land
« Reply #33 on: January 20, 2014, 12:03:34 am »
It's on the Bucket List.


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