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Title: Pure Land Theory???
Post by: Potential on January 18, 2014, 06:03:24 pm
Pure Land is Rebirth, that's why they call it being reborn into a Pure Land.
Just living life like any human or animal, cyclic existence comes to us all.
But making a concentrated effort to be reborn into a certain Pure Land is
up to us and the effort we put into it.

I believe that this is ultimately how Rebirth operates, our Karmas decide our next rebirth. How?
The constant repetition of our desires that are ingrained on our minds, so that when death happens, that is where our minds take us.

So if I wanted to be a Dolphin in my next life, my life would obsess about Dolphins, I would feel empathy towards them, I would dream about them, then when I die, I take rebirth in the animal realm of Dolphins.

Ultimately, I see it in comparison with the Six Yogas of Naropa. Constantly reminding ourselves of said Pure Land, constantly meditating on it, till we see it in our dreams (Dream Yoga), taking it to the next level of actually seeing it thru advanced visualization practices in dark rooms, and finally maintaining consciousness thru the death (Bardo) process while performing the Pure Land practice to be reborn into that Pure Land.
Title: Re: Pure Land Theory???
Post by: Potential on January 19, 2014, 10:01:43 am
I think I have a good theory on it, that encompasses all 3 wheels, Maha, Vajra, & Hinayana. Mahayana goes a little overboard on it, but I can see how Pure Land developed. And I think that the majority of religions out there practice  Pure Land techniques in both Monotheistic and Polytheistic traditions (outside of Buddhism).
Title: Re: Pure Land Theory???
Post by: Potential on January 19, 2014, 10:45:34 am
In a sense, Pure Land is worship. Many will be quick to say it is not worship, of which that's a programmed response. But when you look at other religions and and you look at Pure Land practice, is there not similarities? The Recitation of names, the dreaming, imagining, visualization of, said gods/buddhas, prophets/bodhisattvas/arhats, moral teachings/homily/sermon, etc, it's all the same.
I am not trying to belittle anybody. But to me it seems that Christianity may have developed from Buddhism. Who's older Judaism or Buddhism? I don't know, but I do see Tantra with Moses, and I'm not sure if Tantra would be considered Pure Land. I'd have to think about it. Is Highest Yoga Tantra the advanced form of Pure Land?

Karma/Action Mudra? What's that? An actual female to practice with. But it's often not advised, cause the temptation to falter is extremely high. So instead the Prajna/Wisdom Mudra is practiced instead. What's that? Visualizations, that's it, in a nutshell.
Vajrayana, different Tradition, same practice.

Buddha taught 84,000 teachings. Some teachings were the best way but difficult, so teachings were made to help people of a lower understanding out better, basically Dharma-Ending beings. It makes sense, what is the number one hindrance in the Dharma-Ending Age? Distraction. Temptation. Doubt. What's a simple method for overcoming this? Meditate on Sex????? Nope, why? what would that cause? Rebirth into another life. Man concentrates on woman, mind is fixated on all the nice attributes, so what happens, man is reborn as a woman in next life and then vice versa with women. That's a Pure Land practice for stimulating Rebirth. So what do Buddha(s) do to correct this problem? Tantric Buddhas with Consorts like Cakrasaᚃvara and Vajravarahi. Both sexes are one.
Yep, I do believe Buddhist Tantra, not Kamma Sutra or Hindu Tantra or Sex Tantra, is an Advanced form of Pure Land Practice.

All 3 wheels have Pure Land Practices, all Traditions outside of Buddhism practice Pure Land, albeit not as pure as Buddhist Pure Land Methods. To me, Pure Land basics begin with Visualizations of the meditational object and words that remind you of it, and that is the very basics for Generation Stage Yoga. Weird things are going to happen, the Theravadins call them Jhannas, the Maha/Vajrayana call them Siddhis, or riddhi, sometimes iddhi (miracles). And they leave it at that, some think they've accomplished enlightenment at this stage, but all it is is a result of proper practice, a gauge/meter to measure yourself with.

What do people who have never heard of Buddha do when they practice Pure Land? Clean House or dump Boyfriend.
Hey, it's a form of Pure Land, but I guess if I had to call it something, I'd call it Dhukka/Suffering/Samsara, better yet Impure Land, yeah. LOL. With Impure Land, Pure Lands of the Dumb are very short lasting/temporary. I have several relatives who practice Impure Land Methods all the time, and they wonder why they cannot find happiness. Desire after a new advanced remote control that operates the DVD player, TV, Dish, Cable, and XBox, but ultimately leads to rebirth in a hell realm. (Ya ever seen an older relative with advanced technology in their hands? Massive hissy-fit, therefore their rebirth into that Hell realm is temporary. Repeated practice may allow it to really happen.)

I like Bodhidharma's response to a Pure Land question, "I dunno, I haven't died yet".
 Should have seen the look on that monk's face. Sometimes I feel like that monk.
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