Author Topic: The Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Life Sutra Cartoon  (Read 1421 times)

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The Buddha Speaks of the Infinite Life Sutra Cartoon
« on: September 10, 2015, 03:40:42 pm »
This is my first post and I haven't been practicing Buddhism long which itself is already a minority faith in the west and to practice Pure Land Buddhism is really out on a limb.  :bigtears:

You might ask me why Pure Land Buddhism and my only reason is that for me this seems to be the most attainable. If you ask me what is Pure Land Buddhism, I'm afraid I cannot give you a definition or I could tell you how to practice it, but I know that I want to go there one day.

There is few information in English about Pure Land and I share the little which I know.

This is a cartoon from and it is in Mandarin with English subtitle.
It tells the story about Amitabha, his vows, his Pure Land, life in the Pure Land and very importantly, how to get there.  ;D
In case you are wondering, yes, they have used other films sound tracks.
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願生西方淨土中 九品蓮花為父母 花開見佛悟無生 不退菩薩為伴侶


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