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Title: The Future of Buddhist Churches of America
Post by: Namaste253 on July 18, 2015, 10:42:55 pm
When you have a religious organization like Buddhist Churches of America, whose membership is in decline or at least perceived to be in decline, there are two solutions usually presented for this. These two solutions don't just apply to BCA, but they can be applied to other religious groups as well, such as the Episcopalians, Methodists, etc.

One solution is to take the faith as it's traditionally been presented and then adapt it to fit a more modern, secular outlook. Those of a more traditional mindset will see this as an attempt to dilute the faith.

The other approach is to go back to the traditional teachings, and attempt to explain in the best way possible why they still matter for today and why they are worth perpetuating. Those of a more modern mindset will see this as burying one's head in the sand.

This whole dilemma, then, makes me curious about what other Buddhist organizations and sects in the United States are doing in order to grow their membership, such as Soka Gakkai, Tibetan Buddhists, etc. and what BCA can learn from it.

It's kind of scary when there are more "traditional" Shin Buddhists who never mention the Four Noble Truths, let alone the Eightfold Path. It's as if all of the Buddha's teachings have been rejected or ignored and instead there is only the Primal Vow, which is not something that I think Shakyamuni ever intended.

Then there's the equally scary approach of "modern" Shin Buddhists who basically want to give up anything that makes Jodo Shinshu unique as a school of Buddhism, and instead for it to be another form of secular or "general" Buddhism. Why can't there be a middle path between these two extremes?
Title: Re: The Future of Buddhist Churches of America
Post by: peacefulrandy on August 02, 2015, 03:57:41 pm
Maybe you guys went too ascetic ohigan can be more fun and attractive reminding singles of spring. I mean really when one thing is too good it gives everyone the creeps its too tense not living the Nembutsu, just for religious taxation can't serve for the joy of being human. I love that church but the happiness movement is population contentment. Shinran was the regular guys buddhist. Churches have to serve the people.or there is no need they take the Nembutsu mantra and vow out if the church doesn't serve the needs of the people.

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Title: Re: The Future of Buddhist Churches of America
Post by: ShaikhReza999 on August 02, 2015, 10:59:40 pm
 :anjali: Humanity is in favour of human being. self respect and also dignity matters alot, we do have many peoples who are jealousyand  Jealousy Quotes (http://"") with each other and they ruin each other lives with respect to jealousy, here i  say be mingle and be humble spread your love and expect love..!
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