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Title: Mental disability and proper conduct
Post by: Solodris on June 27, 2017, 02:13:29 am
As a sufferer on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), I have found it to be very difficult to approach a pragmatic way of practice, when wrong practice is being met with sarcasm, irony or even ridicule which I would have no way of understanding other than relating back to childhood memories of bullying.

My question is; how would we present a pragmatic form of buddhist practice towards the autistic perspective on Buddhism who wouldn't understand hidden and seeming cryptic social rules of conduct?

Common themes of confusion on my part have been of the following:
- This is considered a chat-forum, yet sometimes even when I'm providing self-realized insight, it's considered off-topic.
- If learning Theravada Suttas is learning the teachings of the Buddha, how would I reach conclusions if not by imitating dialog displayed in the Suttas when it is impossible for me to understand speech deviating from the dialog presented.

There were even a thread established exposing the difference between "Adult Dhamma vs Special Dhamma" ( Is this appropriate conduct towards the autistic perspective?

Personally I would think careful and logical steps in instructions towards proper conduct would be most relevant so to not to provoke childhood memories of bullying. In order to promote practice beneficial towards everyone.
Title: Re: Autism and proper conduct
Post by: Samana Johann on June 27, 2017, 02:37:07 am
One needs to search and stick to people who have no interest in gain by one, through one. How ever, even so one would be confronted by this traumata to work ones way through. If not finding Noble people, if not seeing, walk alone and be observant. Like the famous story of the woman seeking Buddha to make her death child alive. It was by facing that all are subject to death by herself, that she was open to listen to the Dhamma.

If searching for lower or equal friends to lay on, one does not grow.

So whats the problem in understanding that mothers business is mothers and fathers business is that of father and at the same time simply fulfill the duties one has to each of them? Unity and for the Dhamma desire? It would not help anyone.

If possible, one could help others then when by one self released. So understand that the nature of the cosmos is fight and simply take not part. Very sensetive Johannes get also the very fine level always in the right way, it's just needed to remaind on basement one already has developed to step on it.
Title: Re: Autism and proper conduct
Post by: Samana Johann on June 27, 2017, 03:22:11 am
It's because Johannes had already seen for himself and gets approve by the Dhamma of tge wise, that it makes sens for him. Yet it is still possible not firm and unshakeable.

Having seen that, yet still a lot of depts to both sides, and therefore subtile pressured to take side (note that the depth here is in regard of sensual pleasure and becoming, in regard of promises a talk in this regard: [Q&A] Is changing your mind same as lying? Breaking promises (,8136.0.html).) one maybe needs to step away from both, if not clear, and work on putting all at the right place in the heart.

It's all a matter if one associates with people of right view and turn away if seen that its the wrong place and the wrong "brother-hood". Even not modified in english again, maybe useful: How to address wrong view? (,2106.msg9309.html#msg9309)

If having the "Bodhisatta-intention" be informed, as long as not firm established, and then if aspirating to work on, one might believe that one is strong enough not to take on viwes and habits of others. This "religion" has not a person hanging on a cross as highest ideal, but as a sign that causes have effects. Released or not released is the only question that counts to seek out for relayable ways and mentors.
Title: Re: Autism and proper conduct
Post by: ground on June 27, 2017, 03:51:30 am
Common themes of confusion on my part have been of the following:
- This is considered a chat-forum, yet sometimes even when I'm providing self-realized insight, it's considered off-topic.
No, this is a forum for discussion of buddhist topics. 'Chat' is different from 'discussing a topic'.

you do not have to accept that a posting of yours is off topic just because someone says so. you can rationally explain why you consider it to be on topic since obviously the content of your posting did not convey a connection to the topic in the eyes of the person who considered it to be off topic.
Title: Re: Mental disability and proper conduct
Post by: The Artis Magistra on August 08, 2017, 12:28:30 pm
This is such a good and important thread and an important topic to study. What is of most interest to me is what any such or each such is able to understand and how they are able to understand it. I would like accounts of such.

The "word" Buddhism I am seeing among Western Atheistic Philosophical Materialist Buddhists appears that it might be confusing for just about anyone and appears devoid of any real content or any such necessity for appearing complex via strange word usage to say the simplest and most practically useless seeming truisms.

These would likely confuse both the hyper-imaginative or visual or emotional as well as those who might have difficulty to pierce through deceptive language trying to weave an impression of complexity in stating very frank and practically idiotic points.

If I knew more about how people with certain mental issues each interpret simple information, both literal references like "dog" and highly abstract concepts like "ascension", it may help in figuring out what sort of details and careful explanation can be provided.

Luckily, the sort of Buddhism I am interested in, is extremely simple and should not be difficult for people of almost any level of knowledge to understand if not believe. It may become more difficult in providing the reasoning which may start from the more abstract ideas such as "Non-Information".
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