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Note to my relative kinsman. I notice that most are passersby to these topics.  Don't pass this one by.  It's important to all of us.  Do some Yoga and hit reply. 

I thought this might be a good place and time to share my path to discovery of both the dharma and Dharma.  Although I cannot attach to a tradition, dogma, rite or ritual of any kind, I am centered with my understanding of where each of these paths lead.  Like many here, I come from a strong Abrahamic religious background, then found the light so to speak in the East.  Unique to many here, I have spent decades seeking the meaning of all Mystery School religions, including that of the Christian narrative.  For those who are making their way across this same divide, I offer my perspective on the subject. 


As I said, I spent the largest part of my life in the mindset of a Christian, then Christian Mystic and finally, realization of the Way.  Between, I have annotated and read several Sanskrit dictionaries and encyclopedias (every letter and word), as well as read nearly every Sutra, Scripture and ancient manuscript I can find.  This wealth of knowledge has one-pointed my mind and view to a single truth, found most clearly outlined in Buddhism, Tao, Zen and Hinduism.  The essence of this realization is invariance--not simply an unchanging truth, but a symmetry that shows up in all religions.  The origin of this symmetry as far as man is concerned is Letter and Word pointing to the Moon.  This is the essence of the Christian Tradition, which is a Male voice parallel to it's Feminine Nature found in that of Sanskirt, each in process to reflect the light.  When the two become one, a larger truth emerges from both.  Each of these relatives are needed for Bodhidharma to travel West. 

Literally, the truth of this statement is held in a Sanskrit / Hebrew word called Yama.  In Hebrew, Yama is another name for Yahweh, or the ruler of the underworld (Lord / Ishvara).  Yama in Hebrew means to "Travel West."  In Sanskrit, Yama means Self-Control, or the ruler of the underworld by title.  If you are perplexed how this East / West bifurcation can point toward Truth, consider how relative makes absolute and absolute makes relative possible.  When divided, relatives.  When united, Yoga!  By combining the two sides (just as Bodhidharma did between India and China), the Absolute truth emerges.  Today, we are witness to this need for self-control to travel West.  It's happening and this website is part of that cultivation and Way.   

For those who might have questions about this topic, feel free to ask anything you have wondered between these two traditions.  Today, West is literally coming East.  The essence of this trend is a mirror to the past.  Many of you may wonder how to bridge this gap so that bias can be removed between.  The answer can be known.  While we are both students here, asking and discussing (Yoga) bends the mind in new ways.  This process allows us to all find the Master when the Student is ready.  The Master is you when you become a ready student. 

In this thread of Sutra discussion, cling to no rite, ritual, tradition or dogma.  Simply find the invariant symmetry and translate.  Nothing can change the invariance.  Everything changes when you translate to right view. 

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