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Title: I need clarity, please help. Grace.
Post by: lodonyo on August 11, 2017, 06:56:44 pm
Homage to the 3 Jewels, I make offering and prostrate. (
:jinsyx: :jinsyx: :jinsyx:

I'll spare a lot of details and will edify/follow-up on replies. 
I really do feel a bit lost, which is totally OK I know.  I'm returning to the world from years of fantasy and Christian-Hindu-Theoseophy-Rosicrucian-Pagan-Taoist-TCM-KUNG-FU research & practice, Astrology, Kirtan, Yogic activities, vipassana, and recent introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, and now I'm married with no job.  Haha, they got me! 

Anyway, fast-forwarding a lot I read this text: (

I'm inspired and feel my image of self being humbly changed to a Lay Person who simply needs to practice what this text says and get on with the world.  I plan on a making a calendar of all this and reading it daily along with prostrations/vajrasattva/etc etc.  I edited it below with my challenges regarding my negativities.  I appreciate your attention thus far and really am pleading for feedback of any kind, with love.

Practice of a Householder:
Actual Daily Practice

Accomplishment = Action focused on with measurement, quality, duration, and even sense of completion
Completion = Full Integration with Gathi/character/habits (because this is basically all for higher rebirth ;/).

The accomplishment of persistent effort: Under the condition of earning of living
- Grow in Skill
- Remove Laziness
- Grow/Have Proper Discernment
- Be able to carry out & allocate what needs done/Duties

The accomplishment of watchfulness: Under the condition of Owned Possessions
- Bond with property by...
- Protecting it from kings, thieves, elements, evil

The accomplishment of good friendship: Under the conditions of community association One will act in(the dimension of)
- Faith (In Higher Self/Buddha Nature I intuit)
- Virtue
- Giving/Charity
- Wisdom

The accomplishment of balanced Livelihood: Under the conditions of Resource Income
- Know/Have Clarity on the balance of income
- Maintain expenditures below Income and not above
- Behavioral waste of income and lifestyle leads to gross/subtle miseries
- Debauchery, drunkenness, gambling, intimacy with evil-doers leads to/creates the conditions for loss of possessions and wealth
- Active opposites, i.e non-debauchery(upon it's conditions), non-drunkenness, non-gambling, non-intimacy with evil-doers, creates the conditions for an INCREASE in wealth

The accomplishment of Faith: Under the condition of a faith - possessed mind(to cultivate faith a prerequisite)
- Belief in the Tathagata (Similar to faith-only based Christ Teachings), that One is and can be an Enlightened One, perfectly complete buddha, fully thus gone beyond.  E.g. Buddha Nature, Ariya Bhavana (On traces of cooling down experienced during spiritual journey), cessation, etc.

The accomplishment of Virtue: Under conditions of a strong Motivation and solidarity one takes the 5 precepts to abstain from:
- Killing, Stealing, Sexual Misconduct, Lying, Intoxicated(by sense pleasures)

The accomplishment of Charity: Under the condition of a heart Free of Avarice
- Devoted to Charity
- Open-handed
- Delighting in Generosity
- Attending to the needy
- Delighting in the distribution of Alms

The accomplishment of Wisdom: Under the condition of ability to comprehend Dharma
- Cultivate Wisdom Understanding Rising & Ceasing of Pancakkanda meaning...
- Meditate on Pancakkanda and gain large array of experience in View
- Mind-possessed of penetrative insight that leads to destruction of suffering (insight meditation experience/wisdom??????)

Challenges: None but my own obscurations right?

1. I think back to COUNTLESS HOURS having played rpgs and MMOs like WoW and Final Fantasy...My behaviors thus far, even with all the cooling down are pretty lazy.  I really don't have a lot of motivation to do things even IF I have pretty tight boundaries/obligations.  I manage...
2. Also I may have depleted a fair amount of kidney Qi with 20's debauchery, over-working, and over exertion of energy practices under no direction of a physical guru. I'm not sure
3. I seem to have a belief that I don't truly own anything.  Ive been losing property since I was child with total neglect of awareness.  (Impatience to leave)
4. I really can't seem to break the habit of masturbation by porno...I keep thinking my mind spontaneously be free of taint to a degree to that it'll just not be of interest to me.  Anytime any kind of distress occurs in my life I reach to break precept #5... :/
5. In regards to my list and the Sutta, I'm not sure what is meant by "noble penetrative insight that leads the destruction of suffering".  I assume it's general & specific e.g. Insight meditation accomplishment where one understands anicca/dukkha/Anatta, and maybe also Sanna of how to ride oneself of their own Asavas?

Thank you again for your attention and compassion.  All information is appreciated, please advise. 


Donyo Lobsang

Title: Re: I need clarity, please help. Grace.
Post by: Samana Johann on August 11, 2017, 08:25:51 pm
Mudita that Lodonyo got inspired by the Sutta and it is actually to live a upright, modest, generous live that makes a good and benefical live and gives the foundation for higher naturally. Just keep it simple and be always honest to your self never hypocritical.

Just one importand thing "Faith (In Higher Self/Buddha Nature I intuit)".

Saddha consist of four things:

-Faith that actions make a different, meaning that there are willingly actions.
-Faith that actions have results, meaning that things have causes.
-Faith that one is heir of ones action
-Faith in the Buddha (awaking, a way to go beyound kamma, wheel of wandering on.

That all of that what is mentioned are actually obstacles to the basement of a good way, of a way open to liberation, Nyom.

Much success and unbroken effort for your way and remind that state of mind you currentl have, since times and kind of desire and moods chance and you will need all possible weapons to fight defilements and doubt when arising.
Title: Re: I need clarity, please help. Grace.
Post by: The Artis Magistra on August 11, 2017, 08:55:24 pm
Great posts! So if I may advise, I get the impression you (the original poster) may be putting a little too much pressure on yourself and feeling a little too serious. So my advice to you is that right now, if that is indeed the case, a useful thing you can do is slow down a bit, relax a bit, just a bit, realize that nothing is so urgent or serious usually, you are fine and on time now for now, just to calm down a bit, and you came up with some very nice things and found some very nice things which you can gradually and peacefully apply or intend to apply first and monitor, without pressure, without over-urgency, without being too radical or hyper extending in any way. Maybe that advice doesn't apply to you, but I'll take it at least for myself first. Since the truth is safe, and you're relatively safe right now too I assume, so can take it a bit slowly, see what didn't fit and what you liked about the things you have studied. Since you've come from being away, and maybe haven't piled up too much stuff, you can manage slowly and carefully and try not to build up too much tension or stress elements.
Title: Re: I need clarity, please help. Grace.
Post by: lodonyo on August 11, 2017, 11:02:02 pm
The Artis Magistra -
Great thanks and deep breaths to your words and loving kindness.  "The truth is safe" was poignant.

Samana Johann
Many thanks for your comments and joyful energy.  It helps to be reminded of the daily challenge of defilement, and there's definitely a reason the labels "weapon" and "enemy" are used. 

Title: Re: I need clarity, please help. Grace.
Post by: Samana Johann on August 11, 2017, 11:52:23 pm
It's good to be clear that the truth is not a little save, since such believe is the reason for neglecy and heedlessness. Here maybe another good nd importand sutta in addition to the first Dhana├▒jani Sutta: To Dhana├▒jani ( (Tiger Prank)
Title: Re: I need clarity, please help. Grace.
Post by: The Artis Magistra on August 12, 2017, 02:39:17 am
The Artis Magistra -
Great thanks and deep breaths to your words and loving kindness.  "The truth is safe" was poignant.

Samana Johann
Many thanks for your comments and joyful energy.  It helps to be reminded of the daily challenge of defilement, and there's definitely a reason the labels "weapon" and "enemy" are used.

Like a good work of art, worked on a little at a time when you are able, it starts with simple lines that grow into more structure, so if you start out with what is easiest for you, make that your first accomplishments which become habits and regular for you which you uphold, the very easiest, the very smallest, and mastering those and being confident in those, and not falling back from those, so that they are just natural and easy, you can move on again to further, like the building of stamina that a walker might do or a person recovering. Taken easy, taken with solid and confident steps, not moving ahead in a way that can't be upheld properly or practiced well, but when the work is proper and prosperous and continued with ease, then a strong leg has landed and provides the base and foundation and balance for the next step. You can quickly even accelerate, and may, but thinking of the ends can cause one to lose their footing or become overwhelmed, but one step at a time, solidly making the presence easy and enjoyable and habitual and comfortable, then you won't even worry as you progress, you'll be having fun even, and even be happy with your achievements and that you are really doing it, you're really benefiting, you're savoring the benefits, your enjoying this thing you're building with yourself and of yourself as you become better and more of a good thing, less of a bad thing in every sort of way, and don't fret overly about the slow parts, the obstructed parts, the parts you can't work on or do right now, or what is ahead or what is behind, just now and how to make the best use of it now always as you are able, and how you are not able, you will never do what you are not able to do, you will always do what you are able to do, and the first is that your mind was brought here and then set to it, and already the churning begins, the chemicals are released, the work is moving towards the good for the good.

Furthermore, you never have to choose, there is only one thing, the truth is there and so you're not making any real big choice, all those things, and sometimes even everything in some ways, say the same thing, not some of the same thing, but all of the same thing, in their own ways, since they generally mean to refer to the truth or reality, and how to take it, is to take it in the best ways, the ways which might benefit you, and there is so much available to you, the world is flooded with things which you can put towards your use like infinite wealth, from reminders on cereal boxes and music videos, to every experience, to noticing things in the world, the wind, the leaves, all with a thoughtful mind and an attentive and observant vision and senses, always trying to see how to turn everything into a good reminder, a good lesson, a good teaching, all for your benefit, all of reality then supports you, pushes you in the art, and art even refers to beauty, as well as skill, etymologically.

In being open, and having a soft heart, you will be able to gain from everyone as a teacher, and everything, even if it appears opposed, then learn what not to be like too, always teaching, helplessly. That is even why my name uses the feminine latin for teacher, The Artis Magistra, meaning (among many meanings) The Skill or Practice is the Passive Reception which Teaches by action and learns by result, that the practice itself which teaches becomes the learner and so on.

As you put into action each beautiful motion, you will learn from it if you are attentive, and none have been taught or learned except by their own beneficial awareness, just as you can never see if you don't open your own eyes, you can never hear if you don't listen, so one has to start putting it all into motion, the lessons and the learning then came into the experience as you yourself are moving, and the whole of the experience is your "body" or "body of experience", just as you can not feel your fingernail surface, we arbitrarily disconnect everything and make distinction, so make everything that you can turned to good when you can.

Starting where you can near to yourself, extending where you go, your room, your home, your work, wherever you are able, and where blocked or obstructed, then to where you are not when you can.

The first steps are easy, how do I want to be and what is the best way to be? What sort of person would I think is truly most admirable and wonderful? Who would I really love and would be not difficult or troublesome really, but a joy to the world? That would be the sensitive, kind, generous, reasonable, attentive, caring, compassionate, gentle person, the blameless person, the person who is good to all things when they can, but who is just too, tempered with mercy, relenting, all the qualities that make one truly heroic and bubble joy in the heart. Charitable, Grateful, Polite, Courteous and Extra decent, extra good, extra helpful, treating all people with respect, all people with care, all people with attention, not giving the guru special attention and ignoring and harming the vagabond or in favor of the vagabond, neglecting the kin or the family or the friends, some people go and worship the teacher, some people go and worship the bum, some people go and worship their families, or leaving them all, go and worship the animals with love and adoration, but one has a duty of kindness and a duty of hospitality to whoever is really present in our experience now, which is the place you're at, the home wherever you are. You are always hosting, and so be the best host imaginable.

Consider the Chakras. People imagine these "Wheels" sideways. Imagine instead if they were turned towards us, so appearing only showing the rolling portion, and think how water would fall down, or climb up with it spinning and causing it to spin.

Understanding this as a model, one can spin any of the wheels to bring up calories for use to spin and make active and rolling the ones above it or below it and they should all roll in a good circulation. So an example of this is working with the compassion of the heart, that the compassion of the heart or the sensitivity of it urges up like acid reflux or vomit to the throat coming out as words or sounds, or thoughts from the mind or spiritual inspiration come down as words passing into ones own throat, swallowed and going to the heart where they take an effect, leading to a hunger or a passion, the passion leading to a hunger, leading to a love or affection or whatever.

Haha ok people want me to go to bed now, bye!
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