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Introductions New here? Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself! You can never have too many friends! 738 5145
Your Member Virtual Guide FreeSangha Policies, Guidelines, Terms of Service and FAQs. Welcome to FreeSangha. Please take a few minutes to read through this section before you begin posting. 9 18
The Bulletin Board What's new at FreeSangha? 44 631
Suggestion box Help us make FreeSangha better! 41 449
The Dharma Express General Buddhism non-sect specific forum - any and all Buddhist topics, including secular and pre-sectarian resources. 1242 16692
Tea Room Take a break... discuss everything under the sun here. 647 6818
Meditation and Self-Reflection Practices Discuss everything related to Buddhist meditation in this forum. 261 2576
Theravada 3 22
Vajrayana 1 8
Mahayana 4 8
The Metta Station News, articles, stories of note in today's Buddhist Community and related articles around the world. 105 519
Socially Conscious Socially conscious Buddhist practices. Raising social awareness one breath at a time. 12 97
News & Current Events The forum to discuss things that are happening in the world today. 70 436
Practice Tools Materials which are useful to your practice. 66 814
CRAFTS - DIY Practice Tools How to resources on making malas, meditation cushions, prayer benches, an all manner of tools/resources for one's practice. 5 40
Buddha Basics - Beginner Zone The Beginner's Forum. Resources for Buddhism explorers. 559 6528
Offered for Exchange 2 5
Reviews of Books, Movies, Music... Share your experiences on Music, Books, Movies! 49 222
Seeker's Corner Dharma as a lifetime practice instead of Buddhism as a religion. 64 1544
Buddhist Dialectics Resources related to Dialectics and Critical Thought in Practical Application 16 220
Comparative Religion and Philosophy Comparatives studies in religion and philosophy in relation to the Dharma. 41 584
New Age & Theosophy 1 4
Shamanic Origins Bon-po, Sherpa and other shamanistic traditions 3 26
The Library Our collection of works relevant to the various Schools of Buddhism. These are primarily derived from member and site volunteer contributions of Dharma studies and compilations of study resources. 25 140
Theravada Library Resources from the Theravada traditions. 5 18
Mahayana Buddhism Library Resources relevant to Mahayana traditions. 18 116
Vajrayana Library Resources relevant to Vajrayana studies. 6 10
Beginner's Library A compilation of good resources for beginning practitioners. 8 44
Foreign Languages Resources and material in Espanol and other foreign languages. 6 8
Mahayana Studies show 56% of the world's Buddhist population practices traditions from Mahayana Buddhism - estimating 185,000,000 Mahayana practitioners worldwide. 131 1492
East Asian Traditions East Asian Schools of Buddhism general forum. 16 116
Zen / Ch'an / Seon / Thien 128 1267
Pure Land Pure Land tradition of Buddhism main forum. 82 997
Jodo 7 17
Nichiren 11 54
New Kadampa A place to discuss teachings within the tradition of New Kadampa 55 421
Mantrayana Vehicle of Recitation 4 61
Paramitayana Vehicle of Perfection 9 16
Madhyamaka 9 243
SGI 5 17
Offered for Sale 20 52
Donations for Charities/Groups 32 104
Offered for Free or Donations 17 58
Wanted 5 32
Theravada Studies show 38% of the world's Buddhist population practices Theravada Buddhism traditions - estimating 124,000,000 Theravada practitioners worldwide. 222 4928
Vajrayana Studies show 6% of the world's Buddhist population practice Vajrayana Buddhism traditions - estimating 20,000,000 Vajrayana practitioners worldwide. 161 1287
The Tibetan Connection (General) Main forum inclusive of all schools of Tibetan Buddhism. 298 1348
Bon A forum to discuss the rich culture and history of Tibet including Bon, one of the original religious traditions practiced by the Tibetan people. A place to explore, compare, and contrast. 4 15
Dzogchen Connect with Dzogchen teachings here. 30 351
Gelug The Gelug-pa School of Buddhism founded by Je Tsongkhapa (1357-1419). 41 196
Kagyu Karma Kagyu - the Oral Lineage School sometimes called Whispered Transmission School 47 255
New Jonangpa 4 232
Nyingma Old School. 26 175
Sakya The Sakya School. 17 50
Newar / Shingon / Shugendo / Tendai Newar, Shingon, Shugendo, Tendai Traditions 7 46
Lifestyles Share your practice here. Presenting the always-in-progress practice of mindfulness. 51 541
Yoga 2 21
Fitness and Martial Arts 11 236
Food Discussion forum for all things related to food. 24 232
Vegetarianism Emphasis on all matters related to vegetarian lifestyle. 18 256
Writers' Page Finding the rhyme in reason... wirters untie! 48 261
Experiences of everyday life Facing some problems in your life? Our members are always ready to listen to you. Share your stories with us! 224 2140
Marriage A Happy Married Life: A Buddhist Perspective, discussion and other resources related to marriage. 13 85
GLBTI For those of "rainbow blood." A space where the rainbow shines in the Buddhist Community. Discuss. 38 478
Family Life 21 136
A Woman's Touch A space where our members can share their experiences in leading lives as women. 27 78
Buddhists in Recovery A place to share stories of recovery and the strength to put down what harms us. 16 188
Animals and Pets Discuss topics about the Animal Kingdom here. 49 635
Prayer Circles Here you may post requests for prayers, practices, and merit dedication for those in need. 70 508
Buddhism and Science Comparative discussions of Buddhist and Scientific Studies - exploring connections and differences. 92 1845

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