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A Long Road
« on: June 11, 2015, 02:48:15 pm »
Hello, my name is Prescott Fry and I have had a long road as a follower of the Ultimate Truth, The Dharma, or whatever noun you choose to call it. Basically, I have been torn between where and how to pursue the truth. There are countless religions, countless groups of people, and neither one path is particularly better than the other.

For example, I had a deeply insightful experience through the Catholic church, while praying the stations of the Cross, and I got rapped up with this crazy, stiff-necked evangelist who tried to convert me over and over while I lived in a shelter, even blowing up my phone repeatedly when I moved to California, leaving me countless voicemails tell me how much of a piece of sh*t I was for not joining his religion. Repeatedly, I used compassion, trying to explain to Bill his material attachment to the meritocracy of the church, and my personal belief, that you must accept all Gods of this material world in order to step closer to the Ultimate Realization. Eventually, I had to tell him off and warn the police about his harassment.

And does it end there?

Even while living out in Oxnard, California, visiting a Shinto Buddhist Temple, a very-strange coincidence because I had originally read the black, gold, Shinto copy of Buddha's teachings and the guy at the front who greeted me was very congenial and welcoming to my search. He explained to me the Dharma, his beliefs on eating animals, and his acceptance that he hadn't yet attained enlightenment. I walked away feeling like he was humble and kind, as he even offered me a bottle of water after because I looked tiresome from coming straight from a heavy session at the boxing gym.

But like Bill, later, I had gotten his call and he tried to convert me, "Would you like to come to our meditation session? Join?"

My mind had drawn the eerie connection between the Golden shrines erected in the Shinto temples right next to the gilded, stain-glass windows of the Catholic Cathedrals.


Didn't Jesus flip the money, the gold, from the Tables of the tax collectors in the temple. Then, go on to whip them from the place?

Religion makes no sense.

And so the search goes on...

How do we find the true expression of the Dharma in a twenty-first century consumerist society?
Krishna,  Open My Eyes?
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