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Hello! I'm new to this website. I am trying to learn more about Buddhism and Hinduism. I'm very interested in these two religions, as they make a lot more sense to me than Christianity or Catholicism. I have just started thinking about religion and spirituality and I would like to explore it a little more, as I have my whole life ahead of me (I'm 16) and having a bit of comfort and support would be nice.
I grew up with the idea that spiritualism and religion are bad things because my dad would shame and degrade religious practices openly. He calls himself an atheist but he isn't really, just a truly faithless man. He is a great man, and I love him, but he is definitely not supportive of my current religious ponderings. My mother is agnostic, and she is very open about the idea of a god or gods, and is supportive of me trying to find myself and my religion. She has bought me a book on Hinduism (although it hasn't arrived yet) and is looking into Buddhism as well.
I would just like to seek out some knowledge by myself and find answers to my questions.
I feel very connected to Lord Genesha recently, I have a necklace charm of him that I wear every day and when I have anxiety (I have severe generalized anxiety disorder), I grab the charm and talk to him a little and it helps a lot. I am not sure what this means for me but I would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience.

Anyway, if anyone with knowledge of Hinduism and how to practice it, as well as anything possible that anyone can tell me about Buddhism could comment or email me and educate me, that would be wonderful.

Thank you so much!!

edit: sorry, I didn't know which section to put this post in and I probably should have put it in the general posts place, my bad :/
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Re: Finding myself and my religion... any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hi, Lexa.

While I never felt the curiosity you do about Hinduism, our approaches to learning more about Buddhism began the same way, but in my case at the early age of my middle fifties.  I am now seventy-one.   :-P

My scant knowledge of Hinduism leaves me with but one memory, and that is:  "God manifests himself in many different ways, hence the pantheon of players in the Hindu list of gods, and the Abrahemic gods:  Yahweh, Jehovah, Adanoi, IAM, Jesus, and Allah. "

Religious Theravadin Buddhism also has many gods, some called Brahmas from pre-Hindu religion called Bhamanism, Devas, sort of demigods, and various magic dragons or snake-like creatures called Nagas found in The Jataka Tales a collection of stories about Buddha's past lives.  There are also Buddhas, which are men who have come to understand the true nature of reality, other names you will find of such men are Arahants, & various lesser Buddhas, who have attainments less than a Sammasambuddha, which is one who has attained great understanding, beyond all ability for us humans, even gods, or Brahmas to comprehend, therefore it was a great Brahma, a ruler of all other gods and lesser Brahmas, who asked Sakyamuni Buddha to teach the gods (including him), the Devas, Nagas, and all of mankind.

To study just one branch of the teachings of Buddhism has taken me almost twenty years.  There are other traditions and branches of Buddhism, all included under the banner of Mahayana Buddhism, which includes itself many other traditions such as Tibetan, Chin (of China), Zen ( of Japan, Vietnam, and other countries), Pure Land.  Theravadan is not included under the banner of Mahayana.  It is called Southern Buddhism, because it's practitioners came from Southern Asia, Nepal, and India.  I will let practitioners of individual traditions explain them to you if they wish.  I have provided a link to a website, which describes Theravadan Buddhist teachings to you, which hopefully will help you with your study and research:

This website alone contains vast amounts of infomation, enough to keep you busy for the next twenty to forty years and perhaps several lifetimes.   :hug:

I am sure that there are vast amounts of information available on Hindu websites  as well as Mahayana websites.
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Re: Finding myself and my religion... any help is greatly appreciated.
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Thank you both so much for your replies. I really appreciate it!!


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