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Hi y'all!
Me and my husband are just starting out our journey. We are with the military and went to one buddhist meeting here on post (SGI) but I dunno, it was a bit strange. And after researching it, we aren't sure we want to go there again but that does not have to keep us from pursuing buddhism on our own :) I think I am more into Nichiren buddhism since I'm not one to meditate quietly but we'll see.. I guess we need something we can do at homeby ourselves since our choices here in Georgia are somewhat limited lol.


If you are looking for Buddhist groups in your area, this site might be worth a look:

There are also lots of resources on the internet of course. 
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I first started out good in life until around 15 years old.  I then started doing bad deeds and getting bad Karma.  Quickly got into  basically everything you shouldn't do. I then developed anxiety attacks, and had an intense out of body experience where I flew through a tunnel of roaring wind and light, and ended up in a still, peaceful,  illuminated space, with no sound, I had no thoughts, no body.  I was there for about 5 seconds.  Then went back through the wind and light tunnel and snapped into my body with my heart pounding.  This happened about 24 years old.  I then read up on it and found Buddhism and led me to meditation.  I found out about karma, and started doing yoga, fasting, meditating.  I changed my social circle, and had experience of nothing is real or permanent filling me with vibrations head to toe.  I also had realization  that our consciousness is what we have in common and should have compassion for suffering. This again filled me with intense vibrations head to toe.  I started becoming lucid in dreams and meditate and I would see the dream turn into just a swirl of colors.   But  despite these unusual occurrences, I fell back into some bad habits and did not pursue Buddhism .   Now many years later my bad Karma has ripened.  But I remember the past  benefit of meditation. So now I am here to learn and practice fully.  Thank you.
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