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Hello Peeps  :grouphug:

I first experienced Tibetan Buddhism in the early 80s when I thought I would be more cool if I had long hair, made myself appear to be all mystical like, and had a group of friends who were just as vain, took drugs, and were as false as me.  :lmfao:

This delusion ended up with me and one of the other space cadets going to Samye ling in Scotland. Just when the temple building work was in progress.
In the morning I had an interview with Akong. The first thing he said to me was "Ah. you come back"..... I said that I had never been there before. I thought he meant Samye Ling  :blush: and asked the questions like, " what meditation should I do" he replied " what's meditation " shrugging his shoulders.  "er, what path should I take, ........ He said.. "path ?"........" just stop hurting people!"

Since then I have been back and forth to there over the years, but I have never became , or was, fully dedicated , always swaying from one religion to the other.   Drugs, etc. or reading things I wasn't ready for.

I have a lot of mental illness from this, and for years have been on meds.

A few weeks ago I got angry about being depressed etc and thought I got to do something about this.
I realized it was my mind " The Tiger" that I needed  sort out. I started watching it and how it was just doing as it pleased, and this fact was the cause of my years of suffering.

I started taking control, calming it down etc and I have started to feel better in my mental state.
I then realized I was actually practising meditation. Visualisation and other things.

That is what has brought me here.  ;D   I am now, maybe for the first time, Mindful to some extent. Just beginning to understand those words,   " STOP HURTING PEOPLE "
That mean't stop hurting me too, and I don't want too anymore, I'm tired of it.

Anyway sorry for the long winded Hiya, just letting you all know were I'm at ,  so be gentle  :D




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