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Title: Amida: God or Human?
Post by: NotSpNew2Buddhism on January 18, 2015, 05:48:19 pm
I have been dealing with this issue for about three months and need to ask. Is Amdia Buddha a deity or a human? Does he represent life (like I view him)? Or is he a life force?
Title: Re: Amida: God or Human?
Post by: thegchokgreg on January 19, 2015, 02:29:04 am
Amida or Amithaba or "Infinite light" is a Buddha , one of the five Dhyani Buddha where he represents the discriminative wisdom .

Many Buddhas are also called "deity" but they are not mundane gods but supramundane gods".

Like all buddhas Amithaba was first a human being, in one of his past life with the name of Dharmakara he generated the mind of enlightenment , bodhicitta and engaged in the bodhisattva practices with specific prayers in order to create a pure land where sentient beings can take rebirth there and practice the path without obstacles and difficulties. On the basis of his prayers and practices he obtained enlightenment and create the pure land of Amithaba: Sukhavati. In this way by reciting his name and making aspirational prayers motivated by love and compassion ,practitionners can take rebirth there.

Also the "deity practice" of Amithaba is associated with longevity , increasing life force , removing obstacles for long life...
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