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Poem #1
« on: July 18, 2011, 04:02:38 pm »
So.. just jiving after a good sitting and wrote this.  I dont claim to be a poet or an artist... just inspired by the very limited and deluded glance Ive had at nondual bliss and wisdom.  I love you guys.  :jinsyx:

Poem #1.

My mind is empty.
When I look at things
I must see them as empty too
Since they are projections of my mind.
If mind is empty then appearances are empty too.
When empty mind looks at empty appearance what happens?
Have you ever sat between two mirrors?
Infinite reflection.
This is how mind finds itself.
It doesn’t.  It can’t.
As a being peers into the mirror of being
The mirror self-illumines as it sees itself.
Self-illumination is void.
It is like rubbing two sticks together.
As they light the sticks face self-destruction
Buddha mind, the fire, is the resurrection.
The fire is Buddha mind.
The fire is all.
All is the fire.
All happens in the augenblick
Everything in the blink of an eye,
Is illumination of the lighting of Heruka’s eyebrows.
A-conceptual, sustained awareness is the goal of meditation.
Sustaining this daily is the goal of a being.
Seeing appearance and thought as the latent karmic disposition
Of expressive mind is the central goal of meditation.
What arises dependently is empty.
Appearances and thoughts arise dependently.
They are empty too.
Close my eyes and see the sky-ever opening as dependently arisen too.
Resting in this with no attachment
No conceptuality.
Understanding that mind is empty of all and is natural luminosity and emptiness
Is the goal of meditation.
Resting in this instinctually is the path to liberation.
This I must sustain both in meditation and in post-meditation.
Arising bodhichitta within these sates augments the nondual wisdom of emptiness.
My mind is empty.
It allows.  It absences.
In its absence, presence arises.  Absence of presence is a presence after all.
Buddha nature.
Loss and gain
Love and pain.
It is all the same.

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Re: Poem #1
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2012, 11:05:26 pm »
It is all the same.
Many thanks  :namaste:

Maybe I should reply in prose . . .

Shame Say Me

Same as songs of freedom
Ensnared in thoughts and chains
Sitting with a thousand Buddhas
or empty shells

Here my Lamas
Hear my Lamas
Your voices and silence

Your presence and absence
Your profanity blessing
Your sacred efforts dust

I am the threads that bind
I am the taut taught well
You are the wind
The sale of rafts

I drown with fishes
and live with ignorance
same song
another Heart beat


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Re: Poem #1
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