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Trijang Rinpoche and Karmapa - did they switch roles before?
« on: February 11, 2013, 09:07:10 am »
Before reading this blog post, I had no idea that the Karmapa and Trijang Rinpoche (tutor to the Dalai Lama) had switch roles before! I wonder what do the Karma Kagyus think about this?

Trijang Rinpoche and Karmapa
Mind blowing connections between two enlightened and perfected beings!

His Holiness 16th Karmapa was very close friends
with His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche. They spent much time together talking,
discussing and joking. They had a very warm and close relationship for lifetimes in fact. Karmapa
would even visit Trijang Rinpoche in his house with short notice. This warm,
holy and sacred picture says it all. Karmapa is Chenresik and Trijang Rinpoche
is Vajra Yogini. These are two living Buddhas manifesting in human form for the
benefit of many beings. Om Svasti!

There is an interesting story regarding H.H. the 8th Karmapa and H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche to show enlightenment has no borders no matter what tradition you hail from. Karmapa may be Karma Kagyu and Trijang Rinpoche Gelug, but that is just our labels. A fully enlightened being of the Kagyu and Gelug has no difference. Same for Sakya, Nyingma, Mahayana, Zen, Theravadin, etc. How can a Buddha be defined by time, place, tradition, sect or lineage? Impossible.

A Buddha is beyond all labels and projections. Projections arise from untamed mind with wrong view and that certainly does not apply to a Buddha mind. So someone who follows the Karma Kagyu tradition and practices diligently can be fully enlightened just like a Gelug practioner of course. Buddha’s teachings have no ultimate borders. All lineages are potent to produce Buddhas from ordinary beings. Anyone practicing diligently and correctly from any tradition can become fully enlightened.

To illustrate this point, in the time of Karmapa’s 8th incarnation Migyo Dorje, Karmapa and Trijang Rinpoche “exchanged” identity, where the mind of the previous Karmapa reincarnated into a boy who was later recognized as the new incarnation of Trijang Rinpoche, while the previous Trijang Rinpoche reincarnated into a boy who was later recognized as the 8th Karmapa, so the previous Karmapa became the new Trijang Rinpoche and practised and upheld the Gelug lineage for his whole lifetime, while the previous Trijang Rinpoche became the 8th Karmapa and learned, practised, taught and upheld the Karma Kagyu lineage for his whole lifetime.

After that incarnation, both of them reincarnated into their respective lineages again, i.e. the original Karmapa into Kagyu lineage, and the original Trijang Rinpoche into Gelug lineage. But for that one lifetime, they “exchanged” roles into each other’s lineage. This is established and accepted. Hence in the *Trungrab thangka of Trijang Rinpoche’s previous incarnation the 8th Karmapa is portrayed. Beautiful isn’t it? Karmapa and Trijang Rinpoche are both enlightened manifesting again and again for the benefit of others. How fortunate we are to live in a time and dimension that holy beings can manifest and have direct interaction with us propelling us toward liberation as taught by the Dharma of the infallible Lord Buddha.

Please share this picture with many and allow them a chance to be blessed also just like us. Seeing in this case is planting seeds of liberation in our mind streams. I am so happy to share this with everyone. I feel so blessed to see this and feel it’s such a great honour for me to share this story and picture with all of you. Please share with others.

May H.H. Gyalwa Karmapa and H.H. Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche’s current incarnations live long, bring dharma to many and have their wishes fulfilled.

Much care, prayers and blessings,

Tsem Rinpoche


*See the Trungrab thangka of Trijang Rinpoche’s previous life as Karmapa see here:


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Re: Trijang Rinpoche and Karmapa - did they switch roles before?
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2013, 10:59:32 am »
I was the head of one of H.H. Karmapa's centers for a time. I never heard such a thing.  :eek:

But then again I never asked about it either.  :shrug:
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Warning: I'm enough of a fundamentalist Tibet style Buddhist to believe that for the last 1,000 years Tibet has produced a handful of enlightened masters in every generation. I do not ask that YOU believe it, but it will greatly simplify conversations if you understand that about me. Thanks.

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Re: Trijang Rinpoche and Karmapa - did they switch roles before?
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2013, 07:38:57 am »
Ive heard that this rumor is somewhat bunk and motivated by political causes.... but who knows really... its all mind and no more.  :teehee:


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