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salt doll
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Salt doll.

Many salt dolls decided to measure the sea, and went down it. They were lost (dissolved)

Similar was the case with many saints, rishis, meditation masters, gods.
They went deeper and deeper and became ARAHANTS. They became free from sufferings. They were happy with their efforts and then they dissolved in the sea of EMPTINESS.

One of  the exceptionally intelligent doll had been observing this. This doll will dip in sea water and immediately come out. In this way instead of reducing its salt, it will catch sea water from the sea. It will come up, dry itself and thereby increase its size. It found a way to survive, grow  and face the situation Boldly.

Diomond Sutra (or heart of these two) of Guatam Buddha gives this method. He advises us to remain in this existence, but try to remain aloof from it when burden of existence grows.
This is a very famous sutra. It goes like this " I am Buddha, I am not Buddha, I have 32 special points in my body , I do not have 32 special points in  my body etc."
We have come into this existence out of our ignorance, suffered a lot, collected wisdom due to this suffering. We can grow strong with these wisdoms, face this existence. We can also be collective in our Wisdom and grow faster to Buddhhood. And then we can make this universe better for coming generations.

Lotus sutra describes many such beautiful universes where men can fly. They are free from death, old age and sufferings. Guatam Buddha  describes the  methods of indvitual growing and collective growing in this sutra like this one intelligent salt doll.

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