Author Topic: south korean buddhis? Bhutan Buddhism?  (Read 1599 times)

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south korean buddhis? Bhutan Buddhism?
« on: June 09, 2010, 07:20:16 am »
well, i intersting about south korean buddhism. why they are to silence even not hear they voice. only sometimes a great bhikku die, a very bit news about them.

same to Bhutan i only hear they come to thailand to the thailand king birthday. we didn't hear they voice about thier sangha etc?  

did any body tried to invite them to your country or vihara and meet with the buddha comunitiy in your region?
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Re: south korean buddhis? Bhutan Buddhism?
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1. Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to define the rights and responsibilities of both user and Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, and the procedures involved concerning all the services (referred as JOKB afterward) provides.

2. Definition
1. refers to the site ( run by The Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.
2. “User” refers to members or nonmembers who receive all the information and services provides under this agreement.
3. “Member” refers to the person who gives his personal information to register as a member, and a member continuously receives and utilizes the information and services of
4. “Nonmember” refers to the person who utilizes the services of without membership.

3. Notification, Validity and Amendment of Agreement.
1. This agreement takes effect once it is displayed on the Web site or e-mailed to its members.
2. The JOKB can add or amend the contents of the agreement in the event new services are added or there are other important reasons in terms of company policy. Once amended, the same rules apply as in clause
3. If a member doesn’t agree with the amended agreement, he can request the withdrawal of membership. If a member continues to use’s services after the amendment, this will be construed as an implicit agreement to the amendment.

4. Extra Provisions
1. Matters not mentioned in this agreement will follow the general laws of electronic communications, electronic communications business law, or other related regulations.
2. The JOKB has the right to decide on detailed matters about individual services and these will be posted in the User Guide.

5. Conclusion of Service Agreement
1. The moment a user clicks “I agree,” he has agreed to this agreement.
2. The service agreement is concluded when the user gives personal information requested by the company and the company accepts the user’s application for service.
3. However, users under fourteen years of age may utilize this service only after a legal deputy fills out the separate consent forms.
4. The JOKB can reject or withdraw the membership of any user in the following cases. In addition, the user who doesn’t register his/her real name is not entitled to any rights.
① When the user registers a false name or someone else’s name.
â‘¡ The user is using the services for dishonest purposes.
â‘¢ The user is trying to profit financially from this service
â‘£ The personal information registered by the user is false
⑤ User is using the service for the purpose of disturbing the peace and order or good conventions of society
â‘¥ User is using the service for the purpose of opposing Buddhism or religious exclusivism.
⑦ User is using the service to make use of sexually explicit and vulgar material.
⑧ Those who do not meet the standards for users in other companies.
5. The JOKB may defer approval of membership in the event of technical problems or insufficient capacity in equipment or facilities, until this problem is resolved.

6. Editing Personal Information
Members should manage their own information in earnest. If there are any changes, members must make the appropriate changes by going to the ‘Sign Up’ page.

7. Member Information Sharing
1. The JOKB may share members’ personal information with other companies with which it develops a cooperative business partnership, branch business, an affiliation or that are acquired.
2. In the case of events offering various premiums, members’ information like winners’ registration information can be shared after consultation with premium sponsors.
3. In the event of Clause 1 or Clause 2, the JOKB must inform its members of these factors.

8. Protection of personal information
1. Company should collect minimum information of member only when necessary.
2. However, in case of foreigner, for efficient management they should give extra personal information through related procedure before utilizing the service.
3. When collecting or offering user’s personal information, user’s consent is essential.
However, following cases could be exceptions.
â‘  there is specific regulation on law
â‘¡ request by national agency for criminal investigation
â‘¢ request by Information Communication Ethics Committee
4. When a member applies for the service and fill out application form according to this agreement, it is regarded that he consents that JOKB collects, utilizes or gives his information.
5. Member can always request reading, correction or deletion of his own information, and JOKB should immediately treat them accordingly. However, JOKB keeps basic information showing like previous utilization for recording.
6. Personal information manager is limited to the person in charge of “” to minimize number of the person. He is responsible for its loss, robbery, outflow and alternation.
7. JOKB can make out and use the collective statistic data concerning personal information for its operation. In addition, JOKB can transmit the cookies to member’s computer when they offering services. In this case, member can reject them or alter the computer browsers setting to warn of cookie reception.
8. Once the purpose of collecting or offering personal information is accomplished, JOKB should erase out the related personal information immediately. Only basic information showing like previous utilization is kept for recording.

9. Utilization of Service
In principle, JOKB provides the service 24 hours a day throughout the year. However, in case of regular examination, equipment repairs, or service disconnection due to basic industries by Electric Communication Business Law, the service can be interrupted temporarily with uncontrollable reasons like natural disaster after prior information or without prior information.

10. Offering Information and Inserting Advertisement
1. JOKB can offer the related service, all kinds of events or information service to its members through email or letter.
2. Offering specific services, JOKB might demand member’s ID and password.
3. JOKB is running based on advertisement profit and donation. Therefore, user trying to utilize the service is regarded to agree to inserting advertisement on the website.

11 Deletion of postings, contents or membership
1. JOKB can delete postings or contents violating the Article 13 without prior information.
2. JOKB can delete file information or member’s information after prior information according to necessity when there is not enough equipment capacity.

12 Limitation of Service Utilization
1. JOKB can terminate service agreement or limit service utilization temporarily without prior notification in following cases.
In case that(of)
① it’s not real name or other’s name
â‘¡ dishonest use
â‘¢ trying to get profit from this service
â‘£ personal information is false
⑤ disturbing peace and order or good customs and manners of society
â‘¥ against Buddhism or with exclusive purpose
⑦ utilization or encouragement of sexual and vulgar stuff
⑧ lack of qualification by JOKB standard besides those mentioned above.

13. Membership Grade and Benefits
1. JOKB can operate the graded customer management system for user’s efficient utilization of service.
2. Grade functions as a standard based on JOKB’s policy when benefits are added by service utilization. Grade system consists of 4 phases according to principle of membership grade management in accordance with Clause 2, Article 10 of User Agreement of
3. Membership Grade is applied to related websites such as “” or “Blog of” JOKB runs, and member gets the benefits according to his grade.
4. Grade related policy might change according to JOKB’s situation without prior notification and JOKB can change user grade partly or entirely from necessity of service operation.
5. If user doesn’t utilize the service more than 6 months, his grade can move to the lowest grade.
6. JOKB can take appropriate measures including grade adjustment at the discretion in case member’s grade is adjusted in unfair or other way besides grade policy of company, then Company could command membership withdrawal.
7. JOKB has every right concerning grade system and user cannot assign or give his grade to the 3rd party without JOKB’s consent.

14. Termination of Agreement
1. If a member wants to terminate the service agreement, he should apply for termination on the website or through email.
2. JOKB can terminate the agreement or temporarily reserve the approval of agreement in case that a member violates Article 13 and doesn’t solve it within the appointed period.

15. JOKB’s Obligation
1. JOKB has to make user utilize the service as long as there is no special reason like Article 9.
2. JOKB has the obligation to offer the service securely and constantly according to the agreement.
3. JOKB doesn’t disclose or distribute member’s personal information without his consent. However, there are exceptions like demand from national agencies by electric communication related law or emergent situation which is necessary to secure personal safety.

16. Member’s Obligation
1. Member should take every responsibility for managing ID and password.
2. Member’s ID and password cannot be assigned, hired or lent to others without company’s consent.
3. In case member’s ID is used for dishonest purpose, member must report it to the company through email or other manners.
4. Member must observe this agreement and related regulations.

17. Copyright of Posting
1. Poster has the right and responsibility for posting material on the website. However, JOKB has the right of inserting, processing and editing, and the poster is regarded to consent it.
2. Member cannot utilize the inserting materials to commercially process and market.

18. Compensation for Damages
In case of damages to member from utilizing free service, JOKB doesn’t take any responsibility except ones caused by company’s critical mistakes.

19. Exemptions
1. In case JOKB cannot offer the service because of uncontrollable situation like natural disaster, it is exempt from responsibility of service offering.
2. JOKB doesn’t take any responsibility for contents including reliability and accuracy of posting materials.
3. Member takes all responsibilities for damages caused by careless utilization, bad management of member ID or password and dishonest use by 3rd party.
4. If a member violates regulations like Article 13 and JOKB assumes the related responsibilities for damages generated from that, he must compensate for every damage and must exempt JOKB from it.
5. JOKB is not under the obligation to intervene for disputes related to the service between users or between users and the 3rd party, and it doesn’t assume responsibility to compensate for damages from that.

20. Competent Court
If lawsuit is filed against disputes concerning service utilization between JOKB and user, the court which has the jurisdiction over the seat of JOKB headoffice is taken as competent court.

Supplementary Provisions

Enforcement Date: This agreement is enforced from Februrary 6th, 2006.

well if you want to became member we must use your original name, some provision wuuuuuiiiiihhhh?


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Re: south korean buddhis? Bhutan Buddhism?
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2010, 11:45:46 am »
Bhutan is pretty isolationist. They only allow a limited number of tourists in every year because they don't want their country to end up like Nepal. So only a few people have the opportunity to meet lamas there and invite them outside.

However quite a few Tibetan lamas have Bhutanese passports because it is easier for them to get passports in Bhutan than India or Nepal. So technically they are Bhutanese but in reality they are not.
Warning: I'm enough of a fundamentalist Tibet style Buddhist to believe that for the last 1,000 years Tibet has produced a handful of enlightened masters in every generation. I do not ask that YOU believe it, but it will greatly simplify conversations if you understand that about me. Thanks.


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