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Re: What is Buddha Nature(Tathagatagarbha)?
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so is Enlightenment "inside" of you..............more like you are a piece of dust that is on top of Enlightenment

So is this Buddha Nature inside us, and we need to get rid of all the obscurations to see it?
The Buddha Nature is not inside this  personal ego called "us".......we wish to keep "us" and attain Nirvana as an object for "us"

That's why the Buddha taught anatta.

It is beyond,beyond this plain of samsara where no being can see.

You said correct we need to get rid of the obscurations.......thats actually you.
I wont experience enlightenment,Ill only experience my cessation.

Exactly, that is why the Buddha taught anatta, to get rid of the obstructions, to get rid of you ie anatta.

BINGO Francis that's absolutely correct the Buddha did teach Anatta to help us get rid of the Obscurations.

Anatta was taught by the Buddha to show us what was not the Self/Enlightenment,by doing so we were able to see what was NOT Enlightenment and thereby get rid of the obscurations.

V419.   O good man! The case is the same with the Tathagata. In order to save beings, he gives them the teaching of non-Self. Having practised the Way thus, beings do away with the [cast of] mind that clings to self and gain Nirvana. All of this is to do away with people's wrong concepts, to show them the Way and cause them to stand above, to show them that they adhere to self, that what obtains in the world is all false and not true, and to make them practise non-Self and purify themselves. This is similar to the woman's applying a bitter substance to her nipple out of love for her child. It is the same with the Tathagata. For practising the Void, I say that all do not have the Self. This is like the woman's cleaning her nipple and calling for her child to partake of her milk. The case is the same with me, too: I speak of the Tathagatagarbha. For this reason, the bhiksus do not entertain fear. It is analogous to the child who hears its mother, slowly comes back and takes the milk. The situation is the same with the bhiksus. They should know well that the Tathagata hides nothing."

V425.   The wrestler says that the gem has gone away, even though it is [actually] in his body. The same with beings, too. Not having come into contact with a good teacher of the Way, they do not know the Tathagata's hidden treasure and do not study selflessness. For example, even when a person is told of the unholy self, he cannot know the true quality of the Self. The same is true of my disciples. As they do not befriend a good teacher of the Way, they practise non-Self and do not know where it [Self] is. They do not know the true nature of selflessness. How, then, could they know the true nature of the Self itself? Thus, O good man, the Tathagata says that all beings possess the Buddha-Nature.

READ verses V420 to V424 Anatta was not taught to teach people there was no self whatsoever it was taught to show others what was NOT the SELF(what was NOT Enlightenment)
anatta was meant to get rid of the idea of the Unholy self, which is to think the Self is the 5 you will see in V420- V424  Bodhisattva Kasyapa takes Anatta teachings to far and says there is no self whatsoever....which leads to the Buddha correcting him.

remember to abandon what is subject to Mara

4 (2)-34 (12) Subject to Mara, tc.

... "Radha, you should abandon desire, you should abandon lust, you should abandon desire and lust, for whatever is subject to Mara ' .. [199] ". for whatever is impermanent ... for whatev-
   er is of an impermanent nature    for whatever is suffering ... for
   whatever is of a painful nature    for whatever is nonself ' .. for

whatever is of a selfless nature
... for whatever is subject to destruction ... for whatever is subject to vanishing ... for what¬ever is subject to arising ... for whatever is subject to cessation. And what, Radha, is subject to cessation? Form is subject to ces¬sation. Feeling ... Perception ... Volitional formations ... Consciousness is subject to cessation. Seein thus ' .. He understands:
   there is no more for this state of being.''


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