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Not more Activity
« on: May 13, 2015, 10:05:15 am »
Meditation runs counter to how we normally conduct ourselves in life, the practice and attitude is so foreign yet so easily missed.  Meditation is not about looking for one more thing to do, to occupy our time, another form of entertainment.  It's simply learning to be, and rest in that.  Often we approach it like anything else, it's something to strive for, a skill you have to work for, training in order to achieve something, that something is insight into yourself into your suffering.  This attitude implies we should create more activity within ourselves.  The problem with this, is that we become blind, nonpresent, we physically shrink down and close off our hearts when we do this.  'Shamatha' practice becomes more work.  This is the wrong approach.  When we sitting practice as work, we get up and we think to ourselves "Well I put in my time for today" and then we go about our day as usual and not fully there. 

This is how we've been conducting ourselves all along, for how we put on joyful exteriors in our workplaces and in the presence of others, when on the inside we're hurting.  And because we're hurting we're constantly looking for the next thing.  Non-theism means that there is no god, no other, no thing that will save us, it's only ourselves and being with ourselves.  The attitude that we need to strive to be something other than ourselves, to acquire credentials and skills, even one of trying to be spiritual and compassionate person.  Rather than letting that dawn by itself, we can trust in that, we can trust that we have buddha nature, we just need to let it come out rather than disturbing the soil over and over again with further aggression through activity.

The idea that you don't have to 'do' anything per se, brings up the issue of "why practice? let's just have a cigarette", the problem is that we are always doing something, whether we are Trying to relax on a sofa and shut down, or we are Trying to be good natured persons.  'Doing something' is more and more subtle than that, we're constantly holding ourselves together, constantly pushing harmful things away, trying to magnetize and bring pleasurable things in, we cover our hearts from naturally openning, that's part of ego's role, and we're stepping out of that.  We're learning to be our simple and ordinary self, underneath all the games of ego we've picked up in life.

So we're not creating more activity for ourselves, we're learning to put a full stop, through recognizing the speed and effort we apply to our bodies, mind, and life, and learning to come back and simply rest in being.  It's the effort of no effort.  When we are simply learning to rest in ourselves, we are naturally more present, more open, our body aligns our shoulders drop.  Being present itself begins to work on us, we soften, and it dawns on us that this is what we've been looking for this whole time.  Well being and appreciation of ourselves as we are in the moment dawns.  We soften and open because we're beginning to trust ourselves and our world, ego's hard exterior crumbles because there's no one there to maintain it.  There's no one there.
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