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Title: Brief Practices: Stop and Go
Post by: Galen on May 25, 2015, 05:06:23 pm
Stop and Go

This is a brief informal practice that you can use throughout your day.

Before you begin any activity and when you are about to finish one, make a definite mindful pause.

Take a deep breath, notice your  where you are and what you are about to do.

ex. I am sitting in front of my computer about to begin typing, or
      I am putting on my coat to go out,
      I am about to get into my car.

Then when you are finish an activity take a deep breath and pause again

ex. Turn off your Car and take a deep breath, say to yourself I am finished driving, or
       I am finished typing on the computer,
       I am going inside again.

This literally takes less than a minute but it brings you back to the moment by interrupting the endless chain of thoughts that keep your mind occupied during your days activities.

This practice also grounds you in the present moment so that you can give your full attention to what you are about to do.

I often suggest this practice for people that say they are too busy to set aside time to meditate. 

One worker was stressed at work. When she returned weeks later she remarked on how she felt less stress but was also much more productive at work. 
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