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Looking for some guidance based on the Buddhist approach to working with deep emotions rising from mindfulness practise.

The current mindfulness practice is surfacing a deep inner sadness and rage/anger,  also currently letting go of a lot of attachments (emotionally, psychologically, socially, physically, materialistically, professionally and so on)

At this time there is clarity that these emotions originate from a past life experience.

The current understanding that these emotions are associated with selfishness from the 'I' persona.

A little confused at the moment as to the most suitable way to work with this from a Buddhist understanding and looking for some guidance.

The Loving Kindness meditation is being practised once or twice a week to help develop the compassion component and open heart.

There is a very specific location on the spine where if the pain and suffering through that point is acknowledged and deepened into, the sadness/anger/rage emotions start to rise up very quickly.

Whilst maintaining a gentle smile at the rage and allowing it to express, it can literally turn into primal hissing, growling and if allowed to flow the eyes start becoming intense and changing, adrenaline can start pumping.

If deepening into the feeling of the rage/anger then a deep sadness lies within and sobbing with minimal to no tears can start occurring.

If deepening into the feeling of the deep sadness then either joy and laughter rises, or the rage/anger resumes.

If deepening into the feeling of joy/laughter then either the deep sadness/rage/anger rise up.

Very clear imagery within the mind can start appearing, during this process, of the suffering close to death in a previous life.

A very mindful state is maintained during this process and outside of this process the mindfulness state is maintained and there is a peace to low mood constantly present.

Some Buddhist information states that the emotions should not be felt as it strengthen those seeds, whilst other Buddhist information advises that the emotions should be relaxed into in order to weaken them.

Any recommendations based on your experiences or understandings?

Majority of Buddhist information confirms using Metta Meditations to strengthen the Joy and Compassion so as to assist in reducing the 'I' ego persona.

Are there any other suggestions on how to work with this?

Thank you deeply for your time  in assisting with this.

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I think most people would say that this goes with the territory- that meditation does this to you and means that you are making progress. The best way to get through it is to have a great meditation teacher who can give you advice as someone who knows you. The next best, if you are on your own, is to read the comments here, so dig around and see. What I did was to develop meditations see me through the rough times and then allow myself to dwell on what was causing the emotions when they next arose. Rather than trying to push them away, I gave myself time during the meditation to look at whatever was causing the problem, and then finish the meditation with being kind to myself.
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Thank you stillpointdancer.

For anyone else that may be interested.

Located a translation of the Maha-Satipatthana Sutta ( and it sums it up perfectly.

Just Body, just Mind etc (not mine, not self, not I, but just a phenomenon).

Steps that were useful :
- returned to focus on breath inside and outside of meditation
- increased metta (loving kindness) meditation
- awareness of every action, every thought, every feeling, every emotion throughout the day and offering that awareness in every moment as being for betterment of all living beings so that all living beings may attain enlightenment.

The 'I' persona reigned itself in pretty quickly and greater clarity has ensued.

Thank you deeply for your time and should anyone else have suggestions would love to read them!

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Suggest studying and then focusing on Buddha's teachings regarding "emptiness".

During meditation try finding a comfortable focus on breathing, or heart beat, or some other body function which will keep your mind's focus on the present.  Just observe, do not try to control any mental activity.  For example:  thoughts arise-> watch them-> observe how they behave-> realize that they are not you, just thoughts.  Just the same with feelings, emotions, memories, ..... let them all go which eve way they decide to go.  Like looking into an aquarium with water bubbling up from the bottom.  Your mind is the container, thoughts, feelings and emotions the bubbles.

Have fun.  Dwell in this house of emptiness.  May you be at peace. 
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-Dhammpada, 19, translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.


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