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Debbie's Practice: Undefended
« on: May 27, 2015, 09:06:27 pm »

A lot of the time we aren't present because we think it's necessary to
defend ourselves--necessary to plan how we can be safe and get what we need,
to have imaginary arguments in our heads where we defend ourselves against
criticism and judgment, real or imagined, to maintain our image of
ourselves, to defend against others' ideas of how things should be, etc.

Try playing with the idea of being "undefended". 

Notice how you defend yourself mentally, verbally, emotionally. 
Notice your body tightening up. Imagine dropping it. 
Imagine feeling certain that no amount of defence could make you as happy,
loved or peaceful as being undefended. 

Notice the places where that imagining makes you fearful, and notice the places where
it makes you relaxed and peaceful


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