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Inner connection/ grounded(?)
« on: June 29, 2015, 02:42:49 pm »
Hi guys. As i have experienced states of high awareness with my practice and felt more or less connected with my being i have come to the conclusion that im am totally disconnected other times. When not in the "space of awareness" i am anxious, negative and fearfull. Thats tough indeed, but the worst part is that im so disconnected, disconnected to the extent that i feel no presence what so ever. I many day to day occasions i become paralyzed, confused and really insecure. This troubles me alot because i feel emty honestly and i want to know why i am like this, maybe some kind of self awareness impairnent or something. So as i have started to meditate i have these two states. One in which i am more or less "myself" ,as in i see things clearly and i feel safe in my space of awareness/being. the reason why i put those marks over myself is because the concept of myself gets very vague and i more or less act as i want but im very alligned with eveything and everyone. And then there is the other me when im stuck, fearful, confused and have 0 connection to my needs and everyone elses. By then i become so self absorbed so i dont see the beauty of other people. I once i have seen the peace and beauty in life its difficult to go back to old veeeery disfunctional way of being. So i wonder how will this awareness manifest more in my life, will i always be in this conflict or will it balance itself out?


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