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« on: February 26, 2016, 01:12:55 am »
Today I was listening to a podcast about buddhism and about bodily sensations and how even though we think that thought comes first that there is actually sensation in the body. From memory I think he called it physio-centricity   I dont understand this concept because doesn't this contradict modern psychology?   Don't they now say that thoughts come before feelings and thats what CBT is all about? Changing thoughts to create more positive feelings?   So I was wondering if someone could please elaborate on this a bit for me please?

If I see something terrible happen on the news for example some asylum seekers being treated appallingly etc my understanding is that I will have a set of beliefs, conditioning etc that this might conflict with and then I will have thoughts such as "thats wrong, this has to be stopped" etc then I will feel upset, anxious, angry etc.   But is Buddhism saying this is not the case?    I dont understand how I can possibly feel something in my body unless I had a thought first.


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