Author Topic: Recent personal insight to the complexity of mindfulness, and your opinions.  (Read 904 times)

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So, I have always noticed that when I am aware and mindful, I can still hear thoughts going on in my head, but they are "quieter". And very much like background noise. Like they don't affect my perception of the present, but they are still THERE. For a while, I thought that there were different LEVELS of thought, and that maybe I had learned to be mindful in the first, but I was hearing the next? Doesn't make sense now, but I knew no better. However, something I read yesterday caused this spark, like a sudden "aha!" moment. Someone compared mindfulness to a river in that you learn, while meditating, to step out of the river and sit by it. You can hear the river, but are not swept away in it's chaos. I want to know if I am looking at this right. What do you guys think? Do you know what I mean, as far as being aware, but still acknowledging the existence of the thoughts you have stepped out of? And is this river metaphor accurate? Thanks for any and all feedback!


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