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Samsaric realms - The modern society
« on: January 13, 2017, 12:03:04 pm »
And anyone can sound a bit profound when they're drunk.  There are plenty of authentic teachers around, no need to waste time on charlatans.

The thing is, I was brought up in front of a computer, being autistic, my parents were a neglecting abusive terror to me so I basically am the product of the evolution of the "computer mind" after 21 years in near solitude, and with neuromodulative substance experimentation I was hardcore conditioned to think like a computer. Chemical reactions is not free will, being brought up by the conditioning of a computer, all encompassing knowledge about anything and without free will I had no purpose. So I started to study. Now I wish to release the Satya Yuga by being the neglected hell being that had no other choice but to eat from the forbidden tree in the garden of Eden until I found the one gateway to free will, Buddhism. This became my connection with the outside world, so now after the Lord has returned from his heavenly abode, the Mahabharata realization, my Smriti is Amrita. I am Gundari, the wrathful dispenser of the nectar of immortality. The evolutionary product of a nexus point of limitless light as presented in each and every being, creating an effect of a mirror in a mirror to alter conditioned behavior by the transcendental enlightenment of Buddhist lineage. The Smriti is the being who holds the Buddha-field teachings by retention, and acts as an extrapolation from Srutis which is orally handed down by generation after generation. When the Srutis no longer is compatible with modern society, a Yidam is self-born by having no free will until Buddhist information awakens the inner Buddha-nature.

We are made by matter, and therefore any planet subjected to evolutionary products sooner or later attains a form that realizes the self as not-self. This is where karma comes in, anger give rise to hate, hate give rise to suffering. A society based on suffering as an end result of the natural development of civilizations is the psychological equivalent to being reborn in hell. On the other hand, if by skillful means we document our path away from suffering, God as a shepherd for example, the natural progression moves towards a paradise. The relationship between Theism and Dharma works such as the Dharma acts as a facilitator of deities and the Monotheistic religions where to build a society based on these divine Dharma deities as moral law. But as technology and consciousness evolves, semantics gets lost in interpretation issues, this is when the first hell being appears in the Pure Land. "The question remains, why does a fully enlightened Buddha suffer from normal ailments?" was the question. This is the answer: The hell realm in the western paradise is the violation that is the schism of a Sangha, creating an entire new universe to be populated as they are presented in Mahayana Buddhism Cosmology. Our violence is semantics now, calling me a drunk charlatan reprobate makes me want to commit suicide, but since I am enlightened and can remember previous lives, I'll just say that every time I kill myself, I end up in the resurrection Naraka. My only hope of salvation is to dispense Amrita, the nectar of immortality, so that my next rebirth is a more favorable one.

Personal interpretation of Samsaric fields:

Naraka (Form): Commit suicide or die by accident and you are forever resurrected in it, the universe can not evolve unless some transcendental being gains insight into these past lives and corrects it.

Preta loka (Hungry ghost/Feeling): Accumulate wealth and addictions by generations to generations as the favorable karmic heir and the unfavorably karmic heir is forever in search of food, money, shelter, warmth, clothes. But they still suffer, addiction is the primary component here, ghost means no free will, no function in society. Hungry because they search for karmic transmigration.

Animal loka (Delusion/Perception/Dilligence): This realm is dominated by volition; The perception to interact with the adaptations of evolution to either accumulate the favorable karmic heir or the unfavorable karmic heir, by feeling hungry and feeding and dying as form. Wolves are hungry ghosts when they hunt, but get instant rebirth to animal realm when bliss is attained. So form, is no will, hungry ghost is a sort of scavenging form of karmic heir and perception acts as volition based on circumstances.

We can draw the modern parallel that gaming, television and food exercise your volitional capacity, but when perception has been overrided by the contact of feelings which not compatible with the volitional strength of the beings karmic heir, defilement's are accumulated and suffering begins. So meditating on Perception/Volition is the gateway from hungry ghost realm to animal realm, as you really have to break down delusions by investigating them, therefore rebalancing your karmic bank.

To get out of Naraka, we can simply do nothing until Buddhism presents itself and a self-born Buddha is awakened by the powerful conditioning of the buddhist realization techniques presented before the hell being overriding deterministic will. Here he decides to teach Dharma to lead us into the new creation as The Blessed One.

Asura loka (Demigods/Mental Formation): These are morally depraved beings that basically have no desire to partake in collective will or even social norms and argues and debates about anything and everything with the complete obsession of their own ego. They are of course not evil, I have identified Asuras in previous life times, they are just conditioned to behave as a mental fortification refusing to connect with a subjective recognized reality such as stories of creation.

Deva loka (Gods/Consciousness): Gods are the different manifestations of moral authoritative figures. A priest, a monk, buddhist, mythological creatures, titans or a monotheistic God. Consciousness is simply what cognizes the current moment in the universe, each thought giving rise to the next event based on their interactions. These spiritual beings are of course invisible to Asuras as the Asuras do not allow the collective consciousness to enter their fixed formations. They are basically at war, constantly (Anti-theistic debating for example). Darwinian social structure will emerge if people like Richard Dawkins could decide what should be thought in school. So they appear like human beings, but they are actually at the animal realm, delusion.

Human realm (Body, mind, activity, quality, speech/Patience): This is simply the mundane kliché of what it means to live by social norms in a modern society where perfecting patience leads to a higher rebirth. We work as human bodies, those committed to serve a function in society are designed to do so, but boredom is becoming a large cause of suffering today. So here is the analysis, now, for the cure:

Psychiatry, medication and therapy is a dead end.

Suppose an animal is reborn in a human body with only volition as the risen paramita by the conditions of the environment, this creates desire for feelings, and as animals are suffering from delusion they can't identify good karmic deeds. Therefore, drug addiction treatment and certain areas of psychiatry is a completely outdated malpractice. So the human suffering from delusion, always chases feelings like a hungry ghost trying to achieve some bliss, but it is never satisfied (I'm referring to ADHD/ADD by the way). Therefore, using meditative practice to develop a bridge from the lower Samsaric realms to the above with insight is the skillful path to Nirvana. If someone with ADHD/ADD started to meditate on constructing mental formations instead of moving perception around sensations and feelings, this would actually cure ADHD/ADD. The only realization required is how to develop these mental formations as objects of retention rather than a hunt for sensations, this is mindfulness.

Borderline Personality Disorder can be cured with unconditional compassion, they are clinging to their mental formations so hard that they formulate defensive projections to the point that they don't even have their own individuality anymore. I cured my girlfriend from Borderline today, the technique was to give a guided meditation on a bridge between mental formations and consciousness through unconditional compassion. She ended up in the hospital after the meditation session was done but I'm extremely certain she was faking taking an overdose and collapse afterwards, because when my serious voice was on she complied immediately when I didn't want her to lay on the ground outside telling me she wants to jump from the bridge. But here's the cure: You trick them into thinking you actually believe that they want to commit suicide and out of unconditional compassion, you dial 911, even though she objects, because she was so happy I cared so much in the hospital afterwards, so grateful and I could see a slight personality change for the better.

Autistic people are like Gods in human bodies. They become Asuras because of the modern decadence, but that is what I want to change. They (me too) can never be happy with other human beings because they lack human traits like (body, mind, activity, quality) and patience for autistic people is a super-power, that is why I have this knowledge! Autistic people are brilliant within their God-field because of their supernatural patience to such devotion.

This is the incarnation of Ratnasambhava, all prajna-paramitas in the modern world explained, liberation is identifying your karmic realm, and then build a bridge to the higher planes step by step by meditation. Can you see the potential of this? We might be able to abolish psychiatry or medication that only seems to make you worse with time. Psychotherapy is pretty inefficient too as I realized buddhist techniques that are completely superior to it when I started to develop some strange controllable energies in my body. The battlefield between psychiatry, psychotherapy and pharmacological companies is that we need to break down their mental formations that are useless to us Buddhas. If I deem it appropriate I might also post a thread about Amrita, the nectar of immortality.


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Re: Samsaric realms - The modern society
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Solodris:  "I was brought up in front of a computer, being autistic, my parents were a neglecting abusive terror to me so I basically am the product of the evolution of the "computer mind" after 21 years in near solitude, and with neuromodulative substance experimentation I was hardcore conditioned to think like a computer. Chemical reactions is not free will, being brought up by the conditioning of a computer, all encompassing knowledge about anything and without free will I had no purpose."

Autism is a genetic condition, which results in behavioral limiting and variation to social norms.  Many of us with this condition do very well in our cultures.  Some do exceptionally well, making great contribution to work groups and our societies.  You have done exceptionally well, since you realized buddha-hood in your very first life-time.  So, if this is truly the case, then your time in front of the computer, has truly not been wasted.

So, I am happy for you that you found Buddhism and considered it your personal choice and means for unbinding and release.

As for being raised in front or a computer, I can think of many far worse means of parenting.  My wife is a clinical psychologist and sees many clients, who struggle with the consequences of being raised in what essentially amounted to a torturous childhood environment.  If you visit a qualified professional, perhaps they can connect you with a therapeutic group that can help you work through such issues as you have accumulated over the years of your growing up.  From what you have shared, you don't hold the fields of psychology and psychiatry in very high esteem, but you may just want to visit with them and explain how you can be of assistance, since you have attained enlightenment.  Perhaps with your skills and attainments you can set the entire field of mental science on the correct path.

What ever you choose, please feel welcome here, and continue to share what you have discovered during your study and practice with our online Buddhist study community.

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