Author Topic: Strange recurring "vision" and voice?  (Read 816 times)

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Strange recurring "vision" and voice?
« on: August 19, 2013, 10:18:05 pm »
Hello friends,

        I will begin by speaking of the vision. When I begin to truly enter the meditative state, I am met with a recurring "vision", if you will, of my body being stretched/morphed. It never ends. I can ignore it and shift my focus, but it will keep going whenever I stop focusing and begin to slip away. I get strange feelings with this vision too, none of which I can accurately describe with words. Is it simply random thoughts? Or a recurring vision with a message?
        Now, something new to my practice that occurred last time I meditated was I heard a voice. I was watching the vision, trying to let it pass, when suddenly I heard a high pitched, feminine voice been talking to me. I cannot remember what she said, but I remember answering. Now that I am back to thinking logically, I believe it was a product of my own mind (strange. I wonder why?) but when I was meditating I could swear it was real. I don't mean literally real (I know it wasn't external, it was coming from my head), but it didn't feel like I was making up what "she" was saying. 

Can anyone offer insight as to why this is happening and/or what it means? Thank you.

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