Author Topic: Introducing FreeSangha Blogs (Beta)  (Read 1422 times)

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Introducing FreeSangha Blogs (Beta)
« on: October 03, 2010, 10:26:38 pm »
It's now possible to get your own blog at!

The blogs are powered by WordPress and as a pioneer user you have a great chance to influence us about plugins, themes and the general features of the site. Since we haven't really worked out the registration process yet, the only ways to get your own blog at this moment is to post a request here or PM someone in the staff.

Your blog doesn't have to be strictly about Buddhism, but it should at least be compatible with Buddhist values. Right now we don't have a user agreement but we're hoping that you won't post anything that will get us in trouble.  :)

Besides requests, you can also post any questions or improvement suggestions below.

The blog address will be in the format unless something different is requested. It works so that we enter your preferred blog subdirectory and the email address you have listed in your FreeSangha profile into the system and then the system will send an automatically generated password for you to log in with. This means that if you have an invalid email address listed here (naughty, naughty) you will not receive your login details for the blog.

And then just some legal stuff to cover our backs:
Posting Guidelines do not apply to blogs (althought you're of course free to follow them), FreeSangha takes no responsibility for content of member blogs and will not be held liable for libel in case of plagiarist or inappropriate user content.  The content management is user-conditional and any disputes will be handled by the individual user and the pursuing party of note.

Happy blogging!
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Re: Introducing FreeSangha Blogs (Beta)
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