Author Topic: Honey Pot Trap, Copyright Troll, Indentity Theft (Prenda Law Case)  (Read 1059 times)

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Well, I brought this to make people relize there such trap exsis, the Modus operande was suspected there are an Entity "Prenda Law" doing film a porn movie (copyright protected) and they them self put and spread it in bittorrent so people would download it record the ip and sue them cause they are breach the copyrightlaw, get the money more worthed then the film it self value.

This not mention Identity theft from Alan Cooper as the owner of the movie patent or the shel company they create to cloack and sue the individual who download the porn movie, they threat the victim to spread they name to family, friends, anounce to the world.


I read there RICO and IRS would invistigate this  "Prenda Law" with the entity (AF Holding, SunLust, etc) and the true person behind this.
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